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10 Bat Family Members We Want to See in The DCEU #FancastFriday

With the news that a potential Joss Whedon written and directed Batgirl movie is being added to DC’s film slate alongside the Nightwing film set to be directed by LEGO Batman director Chris McKay, many fans have grown increasingly excited at the prospect of finally seeing the Bat Family on film. While we have seen both Dick Grayson and a version of Batgirl on film before, this could mark the first real potential of seeing the characters fully and accurately portrayed on film. I personally love the idea that we could be getting an entire Batman universe functioning inside the DCEU, and its even more excited considering we know that Affleck’s Batman has been on the scene for 20 years. That is 20 years of experiences, interactions, love, as well as loss. Ever since we got a look at the suit of a fallen Robin in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, many fans – myself included – have also been excited to see Jason Todd make his life action debut this further establishing the DCEU Bat Family. So I figured I would have a little fun and fancast the entire Bat Family. Buckle up buckaroos, you’re in for a fun ride.

Unknown Romani Actor as Dick “Nightwing” Grayson

Dick Grayson made his first appearance in comics as Batman’s first sidekick Robin in April of 1940 in the pages of Detective Comics #38. Grayson would go on to later become his own hero taking on the new persona of Nightwing in July of 1984 in the pages of Tales of the Teen Titans #44. Dick is a founding member of the Teen Titans and an important part of Batman mythos establishing him as an absolute must for The DCEU Bat Family. For the better part of a solid 10-15 years Batman’s first protege and adopted son Dick Grayson has been canonically established in some form or another to be at the most half Romani and at the least 1/4th Romani. Nightwing’s current writer Tim Seeley confirms that in current continuity Dick Grayson is half Romani making him a person of color. There aren’t many well known and popular Romani actors, so this would be the perfect time to not only add representation and diversity to the DCEU, but to also find new Roma talent to bring this character to life. #KeepNightwingRomani

Lindsey Morgan or Alisha Boe as Barbra “Batgirl” Gordon

Let me just preface this with my immense excitement at the idea that Barbra Gordon is getting her own standalone film. Batgirl is one of DC comics most bad ass characters and one of its most compelling. Let me follow that up with this….dear Warner Brothers/DC I know you all seem to have this massive hard on for The Killing Joke, but this is not the time or the place to try and use anything from that awful graphic novel other than the Joker’s backstory and thats IT. Barbra Gordon made her comic book debut as Batgirl in January of 1967 in the pages of Detective Comics #359 while simultaneously making her first live action appearance in the third season of Adam West’s hit television series Batman, played by Yvonne Craig. I know there are rumors that the film adaptation will look to the New 52 Gail Simone Batgirl for influence, but I’m also hoping that we can get alot of Batgirl of Burnside influence. Batgirl of Burnside boasts and amazingly diverse cast as well as a really relatable and likable Batgirl not to mention it has my absolute favorite Batgirl costume. Lindsey Morgan and Alisha Boe would both make for a fantastic Babs. Lindsey definitely has proven she has acting chops on the CW show The 100 and has quickly risen to be a fan favorite for the role and has even been hinting that she may or may not have had meetings concerning it. Alisha Boe completely wowed me in amazing Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and I could 100% see her playing the Burnside Batgirl.


Jeremy Allen White as Jason “Red Hood” Todd

Jason Todd is definitely is the Bat Family member that has the entire DCEU Batman Fandom fidgeting with impatience waiting for him to finally make his on screen appearance. We’ve seen the suit of a fallen Robin memorialized in Batman’s Bat cave in Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice and we’ve gotten all the hints towards his death in Sucide Squad from the Joker’s shimering metal teeth to the revelation that Harley helped murder Robin. The only thing we are waiting on is for Jason to finally pop back up on screen in some form or another. I am hoping that we get to see the infamous Under The Red Hood scene where we watch the Joker beat Jason to death with a crowbar, I know I know, it sounds a bit sick once you actually say it out loud, but that scene has become one of the most iconic and defining moments in the Joker and Batman’s relationship. I know alot of people have been really campaigning for Bob Morley or a MoC to be cast as Jason whenever he does finally appear and I was initially one of them, but let me tell you after some thought this is one of those characters that I hope that doesn’t happen for. Now we all know that I am a huge advocate for diversity, but in this instance I am just not here for seeing a white man gleefully beat a man of color to death with a crowbar for no other purpose than to add a little angst and pain to the life of another white man. Ever since seeing him on Shameless as Lip Gallagher, I’ve always though Jeremy Allen White would make for the perfect Red Hood Jason. As Lip Jeremy conveys the perfect amount of badboy assholishness with the perfect level of sarcasm, wit, intellect, and sheer headassery all of the things required to make a great Jason Todd. Jason is someone still grappling with his pain and still angry at both Batman and the Joker. Batman because he hasn’t avenged him through killing the Joker and the Joker because…..well you dont beat someone to death with a crowbar and not expect them to be pretty damn pissed off at you. Jason Todd made his comic book debut in March of 1983 in the pages of Batman #357. In 1988 Jason would go on to infamously be killed at the hands of the Joker in the iconic Death in the Family storyline in which fans got to choose the young Robin’s fate. Jason would later go on to return as The Red Hood, one of the Joker’s old persona’s, in the pages of Batman #635 in Febuary of 2005.

Ryan Potter as Tim “Red Robin” Drake

Tim Drake first appeared in August of 1989 in the pages of Batman #436 the year after the death of Jason Todd. His character was named after Tim Burton who was at that time directing the now iconic 1989 Batman film. Tim Drake is the only Robin to actually seek out Batman in an attempt to become his new sidekick. Tim actually sought out Dick Grayson, Batman’s orginal Robin, and wowed him with his skills which caused not just Dick, but also Alfred to support Tim in his desire to become the next Robin. Tim would later go on to become Batman’s newest Robin in December of 1989 in the pages of Batman #442. For a while now, fans have been campaigning for Tim Drake to be the DCEU Robin and have expressed a desire in seeing actor Ryan Potter take on the role, causing even Potter to express interest and release a video of him doing stunts in character. Many fans myself included would love an Asian American Robin; especially an Asian American Tim Drake. Ryan definitely gets my full support for the role of Tim Drake, and I’m hoping we can make it happen asap because Batman will always need a Robin just like the Justice League will always need a Flash.

Teresa Ting as Cassandra “Batgirl” Cain

Cassandra Cain is the daughter of famous assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva. Cassandra was groomed from a young age to be the worlds greatest assassin having been denied speech and human touch during her childhood and formative years resulting in her being mute, having extremely limited to non existent social skills, and being illiterate. She is the first and only asian member of the Bat Family having held the Batgirl codename and even being the first Batgirl to hold her own comic book series where she would later pass the mantle down to Stephanie Brown. Cass Cain made her comic book debut in July of 1999 in the pages of Batman #567 and she would later go on to appear as Batgirl in issue #120 in the pages of Legends of the Dark Knight. I chose Teresa Ting because Cassandra needs a certified badass to protray her, she needs someone who can do convincing stunts, be cold, callous, and give off an air of dangerous. Maybe the DCEU Cassandra Cain will have been Batgirl for awhile at somone point in Batman’s 20 years and the Cass that we meet is settled into herself and past the trauma of her past.

Hayley Kiyoko as Stephanie “Spoiler” Brown

Stephanie Brown debuted in Detective Comics #647 in August of 1992. Stephanie would later go on to make her first appearance in her original comic book identity of Spoiler just one issue later in Detective Comics #648 in September of 1992. Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the villain Clue Master and she is the only character in the Bat Famiy to hold the mantle of both Batgirl and Robin. She was initially an amateur crime fighter who grew into an integral and popular part of the Bat Family, having held her own Batgirl series from 2009-2011. Hayley Kiyoko reminds me alot of Stephanie because she is extremely likable. She carries herself with an air of confidence and I can totally imagine her donning Steph’s costume and completely rocking it.


Brianna Hildebrand as Harper “Blue Bird” Row

Harper Row is one of the newest members of the Bat Family, having first appeared as a nameless cameo in Batman (Vol. 2) #1 in September of 2011. Harper woud later go on to make her first full apperance in March of 2012 in the pages of Batman (Vol. 2) #7. Harper has an intense will and desire to do the right thing even to the disapproval of Batman. Harper was created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo during their critically acclaimed New 52 Batman run. When Harper joined the Bat Family rather than adopt the Robin moniker like many of Batman’s other sidekicks chose to, she crafted and adopted a completely new alias of her own: Bluebird. I know it would be a departure from canon, but I would actually really love to see Bluebird as DCEU Nightwing’s sidekick in Bludhaven in his solo movie. I like the idea of Harper moving on from Batman and developing a connection and a friendship with Nightwing that results in the two of them growing closer and crafting a student-teacher relationship. Nightwing has been his own hero for years, so I dont see why not allow him to have a sidekick as well. I chose Brianna Hildebrand because lets be honest: she was one of the best parts of Deadpool. Brianna could totally give Harper the badass feel the character needs. She is a fun and charismatic actress who could totally rock the Bluebird costume.

Trevor Jackson as Duke “Lark” Thomas 

Duke Thomas is an extremely gifted and intelligent young man from Gotham who first met Batman during the Zero Year of the New 52 Batman run when Duke’s family rescued Batman from a harbor during a hurricane making its way through Gotham. Duke would later encounter Batman again when the Joker returned to Gotham years later after finding out Batman’s secret identity and crafting a plan to recreate the death of Bruce’s parents using Duke and his family. Batman would later begin to train Duke not as a sidekick or a Robin, but as a partner. Not wishing to repeat the mistakes and sins of the past, he wanted to turn Duke into something more…something better. Duke took on the alias of Lark. Duke made his first comic book appearance in Batman (Vol. 2) #21 in August of 2013. After watching Burning Sands, I knew that Trevor Jackson was the perfect choice for Duke Thomas. Duke has to be played be someone who can make you believe in their intelligence, their confidence, their will power, and their heart, and I firmly believe Trevor Jackson would be the perfect choice for that. In the comics Duke is around 16 years old, but I could see the DCEU going with an older more college age Duke Thomas.

Rhona Mitra as Kate “Batwoman” Kane

Kate Kane is actually the very first member of the Bat Family, she was created by writer Edmond Hamilton and artist Sheldon Moldoff as a way to create a family of characters for Batman that capitalized on the success of the Superman family. So the character of Kathy Kane was created in July of 1956 appearing in the pages of Detective Comics #233. However there are two characters in DC continuity that use the Batwoman moniker with the original character going by Kathy Kane and the more popular and commonly known character Kate Kane. The Kate Kane character is extremely wealthy and at one point held a position in the military, but when one of her commanding officers got wind of a lesbian relationship between her and her roommate, she was dishonorably discharged. Kate Kane is one of DC’s most notable and famous LGBTQ characters with her often times being depicted in a relationship with the Rene Montoya version of The Question. I think this is an imporant aspect to maintain for the character, because it offers up extremely important representation and it’s also just simply important not to erase those extremely important aspects of characters. I chose Rhona Mitra as Kate Kane because lets be honest the woman oozes bad ass from her pores. Rhona Mitra is insanely gorgeous, insanely talented, and would make for an absolutely astounding Batwoman especially intereacting with Affleck’s Batman.

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