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Logan Is Now the Highest-Grossing Film of 2017

James Mangold’s film featuring Hugh Jackman’s last stint as the beloved X-Men, Wolverine, has something big to boast about: Logan has now become the highest-grossing film of 2017 worldwide.

Although it didn’t take top spot at this weekend’s box office, Logan still brought in impressive numbers to take the second spot with $37.9 million in North America.

Thus far the movie has made a total of $438.3 million worldwide. $152.7 million has come from the North American market, with the remaining $285.6 million coming from foreign markets.

This two-week total is larger than the entire box office total for The Wolverine which was released in 2013.

Even with the R-rating, movies like Kong: Skull Island hitting theatres and the likelihood of more competition from Beauty and the Beast when it is released on Friday, it begs the question: How much more dough can Logan rake in?

Regardless of the film’s final potential box office numbers, I’d venture it’s a safe guess that Fox Studios is more than happy with the current outcome.

Hopefully, this will help turn Mangold’s words about an X-23 movie into a reality.

If you haven’t already seen Logan, catch it in theatres now!


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