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Stephen Moyer Cast as Lead for Fox’s X-Men Pilot

According to a report from Deadline, Stephen Moyer of True Blood fame will join already announced cast mates, Jamie Chung and Blair Redford in Fox’s new X-Men pilot.

The series is to be written by Matt Nix who is best known for the TV show, Burn Notice and will be directed by long-time X-men film director, Bryan Singer.

The plot will focus on two parents who discover their children have mutant powers. The family is now forced to go on the run from a government that is opposed to mutant-kind. On their journey, the family runs into a group of rogue mutants and must battle just to survive.

Moyer will play the family’s patriarch, Reed, who is a determined lawyer currently working for the district attorney’s office. He is trying his best to balance family life with his demanding career when he learns of his children’s special abilities.

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Source: Comic Book Resources


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