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RUMOR ALERT: Marvel May Have A Namor Film in the Works

Marvel Studios has a movie schedule laid all the way out til 2020, and we’re sure that they still plan to release many films and introduce even more stories and characters way after that.

Fans have always speculated and wondered which character from Marvel’s massive assemblage of characters would be brought to the big screen next. Well, if this rumor has any truth to it, we might have an idea of which character Marvel would introduce next in their shared universe.

According to a very vague tweet by Reel News Hawaii, Marvel is working on a project for Namor The Submariner, meaning he could soon be apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, check the tweet out here:

Now, take this rumor with a very large grain of salt. This isn’t a very big twitter page, and the news could very well be made up. On the other hand, Marvel’s Head Creative Officer Joe Quesada did reveal last year that after sorting out some contractual complications, they gained back the full rights to the character, meaning he could be used in a film, if that’s what they pleased. The only problem here is that Namor is in fact a Mutant, and that term is currently (and probably permanently) owned by Fox. However Marvel could easily maneuver that the same way they did with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver (RIP), or they could even call him an Inhuman if they wanted to.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. At the moment, this is still a rumor, so let’s just wait and see if any solid announcement falls through. And if any actually does, Brian Tee (Jurassic World, The Wolverine) stated a few months back that he’d love to play Namor in a live-action adaptation. So Marvel: you know who to call if you need a guy.

Source: Reel News Hawaii (Twitter)


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