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All PoC Justice League Fancast



Photo credit: DC Comics

By: Mikey

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m a huge fan of Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe—but I can’t deny that the films have some problems, one being the lack of diversity in the core set of the Justice League. Now, that’s not to say the casting is bad. Zack Snyder’s casting is wonderful, particularly with Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if more than two members of the Justice League were non-white? What if they all were?

I know this is never going to happen, but why not? We’ve got to have some fun with ourselves. Here’s my ideal fancast for an all PoC Justice League.


Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly/DC Comics

William Levy as CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN – For Superman I decided to go with a Latino actor, because how amazing would it be if Superman was secretly raised by immigrants? How would that change his view of America as a country—would he be more hopeful? That would add a wonderful layer of sophistication to the character, and depth. William Levy has the overall look and aesthetic of the character—tall, muscular, handsome—and he’s a pretty darn decent actor. I definitely think he has as much talent as Henry Cavill and could pull off the more brooding Superman from the DCEU.

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Photo credit: Vogue/DC Database

Idris Elba as BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN – Because this would be the coolest thing ever to happen in the existence of cinema. We all can agree that Idris Elba is freaking awesome and we’d love to see him in pretty much any role. James Bond, Green Lantern. What about Batman? He could definitely pull of the suave, mysterious playboy angle, and I think he has the physicality to make an amazing Batman. Plus, he has the acting chops to pull it off. Ben Affleck is great as the character, but if Idris Elba was Batman they would be guaranteed my money for every film he appeared in. And imagine the symbolism of Bruce Wayne, and therefore the Wayne family, being Black. It would be awesome!

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Photo Credit: ScreenRant/DC Database

Elodie Yung as DIANA PRINCE/WONDER WOMAN – Elodie Yung was fantastic as Elektra on Daredevil season 2 (one of the only good things about that season, if you ask me), and her performance kind of made me wish she was Wonder Woman. Several fans have made edits of her as the character and they look AMAZING. She is Cambodian and French, so she qualifies as Asian and also has the “Themiscyra accent” that Gal Gadot has. Daredevil proved that she’s a great actress, and her energy as Elektra would make her such a dynamic Wonder Woman—maybe a little crueler, more to the point.

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Photo credit: Tumblr/DC Database

Riz Ahmed as BARRY ALLEN/THE FLASH – I mean, have you seen The Night Of? Riz Ahmed’s performance in that show was Oscar-worthy. Rogue One showed me that he has the chops to pull off a more comedic Barry, while also pulling off the more serious moments. He matches the aesthetic that Ezra Miller brings to the table, while bringing some diversity. He would be a spectacular mixture of humor and drama. Also, his size works well for the character—he is 5’8, not too short but not too tall either.

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Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly/DC Database

Jason Momoa as ARTHUR CURRY/AQUAMAN – Honestly, I find this casting perfect. Not only is Jason Momoa an awesome guy and brings the cool factor the character—he was able to make an impression on Game of Thrones just by being there—but he’s buff enough and has the physicality to pull the role off. But what’s so genius about this casting is that he’s Hawaiian—a Pacific Islander. This means his people are very invested with water and the sea. It makes sense that the king of the seas would be a Pacific Islander. So, I’m honestly perfectly okay with this casting. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Photo credit: LA Times/DeviantArt

Omari Hardwick as JOHN STEWART/GREEN LANTERN – I know we have Cyborg (and I’ll get to him in a moment) but I just need to see this guy in the Justice League, and I know exactly who should play him. I originally wanted Nate Parker for the role, and I still think he’d be good, but I’m not exactly a fan of him anymore for certain reasons. If you’ve seen Power, you know how great Omari Hardwick is as Ghost. There’s something about his energy that feels like it would match well with Green Lantern. I think he would make a great John Stewart. (David Oyelowo would also be great, if they wanted to go a little older.)

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Photo credit: Pinterest

Tika Sumpter as MARI MCCABE/VIXEN – This character has been on the Justice League before, and I think we all agree that it’s desperately in need of some Black women. Vixen is a character who’s already Black in the comics, and I think Tika Sumpter would be fantastic in the role. She has the look and the acting chops to pull it off. If only she did a pixie cut, she would pretty much be the ideal Vixen from the comics.

PicMonkey Collage (7).jpg

Photo credit: Variety/DC Database

John Boyega as VICTOR STONE/CYBORG – Now, let’s not get it twisted. I like Ray Fisher quite a bit in the role, and his enthusiasm is adorable. But just imagine how AMAZING John Boyega would be. He would inhabit the funnier, lighter version of the character from the comics, while still being able to pull off the more serious version the DCEU is clearly going for. I could see John Boyega’s Cyborg serving with the Teen Titans.

So, what do you think of this fancast? Would y’all be here for this? I certainly would. I kind of hope this happens in the actual DCEU—maybe an Elseworlds story? (Hey, a guy can dream.)


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