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3 Hispanic Directors to Look Out For

By Manny Castellanos

One of the many things that makes a film great are the people behind the camera. The one with the story, the vision, the passion. With each person behind the camera comes a unique voice and style, trying to show new, different perspective to their film. Often times, POC have some of the most unique voices and styles in their art, Hispanics being one of them. Now most people know Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, but I want to focus on some up and coming Hispanic directors, you may have not heard of, but most likely seen their films.

1.) Fede Álvarez

From Uruguay, Fede Álvarez is an established horror director. In 2009 he directed a short, sci-fi, horror film Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack) Afterwards, he made a deal with Ghost House Pictures, which ultimately led to him directing his first feature, the Evil Dead remake (which is actually quite great for a remake.) Most recently he directed the successful horror film Don’t Breathe. He was actually in talks with Marvel Studios, most likely to direct Doctor Strange, but turned it down wanting more control of the film. What’s next for him, you ask? Well he is signed on to direct comic mini-series Incognito, as well as adapt the games Dante’s Inferno and Monsterpocalypse. So for the next couple years he’s gonna be a bit busy, but I am certainly excited to see what he does! Go check out his previous films, if you haven’t already!

2.) J.A. Bayona

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From Barcelona, Spain, Juan Antonio (J.A.) Bayona is well known for his small films, but will soon make a major splash in Hollywood. Starting off directing two short films, My HolidaysThe Spongeman, eventually directing his first feature (Horror) film The Orphange. H then went on to direct the  powerful disaster, drama film The Impossible, which I highly recommend (Also Tom Hollands first feature film). Most recently he’s directed the film A Monster Calls and from what I’ve been hearing, it’s a fantastic film that’ll sure to make us cry. You’re probably asking yourself now, “What’s he gonna do next?” Well the answer to that is the Jurassic World sequel, which he has said to be “darker and scarier, than the previous film.” I found Jurassic World to be enjoyable, but rather average as a film, knowing he’s attached to the sequel actually gets me pretty excited. Go check out his other films when you get the chance and be sure to watch A Monster Calls.

3.) Jonás Cuarón

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From Mexico and son to the talented Alfonso Cuarón, Jonásis trying to make a name for himself. Starting off as an actor for his fathers first two features, he eventually decided to work behind the camera and has directed, as well as written his first two films in Mexico. He was also a co-writer to his father for the film Gravity, as well as a short that was attached to the DVD. He most recently directed the thriller Desierto, which stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The film itself was praised in TIFF and recieved positive reviews. As for what’s next, he’ll be directing a Legend of Zorro reboot titled, Z.

Who are some of your favorite Hispanic or  POC director?


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