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David Ayer to Direct All-female DC Villain Film ‘Gotham City Sirens’

By Okon Essien

Ever since the Harley Quinn-led all-female DC villains film Gotham City Sirens was announced a few months back, the Internet has been patiently awaiting the announcement of a director. Well the wait is over, and some people may be unhappy with Warner Bros.’ choice.

The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively announced that Warner Bros. has tapped David Ayer, the man who helmed the not-so-popular Suicide Squad, to direct Gotham City Sirens. Since Margot Robbie is returning to play Harley Quinn (and also executive produce) in this movie, this will be the second time that she and Ayer team up.


Of course, Ayer is already and will be constantly getting negative comments about this due to how poorly Suicide Squad performed, even though it wasn’t entirely his fault. Let’s not forget this is the same director that gave us amazing films such such as Training Day and Fury, so we should keep an open mind. Plus, Geoff Johns is a part of the production team, so that should calm a few fans down. For now, let’s just hope the next film that Ayer directs for Warner Bros./DC will be a hit.

Gotham City Sirens has yet to receive an official release date, but we’ll keep you posted on when it does.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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