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New Free Games for Xbox Gold Subscribers

It’s a new month which means new free games for subscribers of Xbox Live Gold. This month’s free games include Victor Vran and Xbox 360’s Hitman: Blood Money. Victor Vran is comparable to a Diablo-like action RPG. Players get to step into the shoes of the hero Victor, a demon slayer in Zagoravia hired to fight skeletons, vampires, giant spiders and everything […]

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Xbox Working on a Monthly Subscription Service

If you’re a huge gamer and you haven’t already jumped on the subscription box train, now might be the perfect time. Tech giant Microsoft is reportedly working on releasing a new monthly subscription service called “Xbox All Access” which would bundle an Xbox gaming console, Xbox Live and a Game Pass for a monthly fee. Subscribers would pay from $22 to $35 […]

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New ‘Bioshock’ Game Reportedly in Development

In Kotaku‘s story on Mafia III‘s developer Hangar 13’s history, Jason Schreier casually stumbled on the possible development of a new Bioshock game. During an interview with an anonymous developer, they mentioned that a neighboring studio, also owned by 2K, is working on a project under code-name “Parkside,” that is supposedly the new game in the BioShock series. One source […]

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Here are April’s Xbox Games with Gold

April’s here, which means there’s a new set of free games for Xbox Gold members. Starting now, the prolific puzzle game The Witness will be available for Xbox One users. It’ll be free all month, so make sure to pick it up! On April 16, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, edition of the Assassin’s Creed series that’s set in 1800’s London, will […]

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Monster Hunter World’s Spring Update is Bringing The Deviljho and Several New Features

This morning during a Capcom live stream, new details were shared for Monster Hunter: World’s Spring update. The update is promising to bring several features which have been requested since the game’s launch, as well as a new ferocious beast to face off against. On March 22, the Deviljho will enter the jungle and disrupt the ecosystem we’ve become so […]

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‘Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet’ Spoiler-Free Review: Step Aside Kirito a New Hero Has Arrived

Sword Art Online is a franchise which I will always hold dear to my heart. After spending countless hours watching the anime, reading the light novels and playing Hollow Fragment on the Vita, I’ve established a sincere kinship with Kirito and his friends. So, when I caught word that Kirito wouldn’t be taking the lead in Sword Art Online: Fatal […]

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The Co-Op Horror Game The Blackout Club is Giving us a Stranger Things Vibe

Earlier this week studio Question, comprised of veterans who previously worked on Bioshock and Dishonored, announced their eerie new horror game The Blackout Club. The cooperative horror mystery follows a group of teenagers, uniting to uncover the mystery haunting their town. Inspired by horror movies/ TV shows and their “teens vs. monsters troupe, the developers were looking to place a […]

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Steven Spielberg’s Live-Action Halo Series Likely to Begin Filming This Fall

Nearly four years in development, Showtime’s Halo TV series may finally hit our living room screens sometime soon. According to documentation released by Production Weekly, Steven Spielberg’s Halo miniseries is scheduled to begin filming later this year. This doesn’t give us a clear indication of when the show will actually begin. However, it’s a good sign as people began to […]

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‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy’ is Coming to Nintendo Switch

The ports keep on rolling in! This week’s issue of Weekly Jump revealed that Bandai Namco’s Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy, will be released for Switch. Despite the Storm series being composed of four titles, only the first three will be included in this collection. An interesting omission considering Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy collection contained all four titles […]

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Microsoft Reportedly Developing Xbox ‘Career’ and Loot Box System

Reportedly, Microsoft is working on a new “career” system for Xbox Live that promises to reimagine the way that achievements and Gamerscore are measured. The system should supposedly help create a better experience, inspired by the limitations that Gamerscore holds for esports or speedrun players. This system will allow players to choose more options for their Avatars, gain ranks and […]

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PUBG Dev Wants to Reach All Platforms & Expand Beyond Gaming

A Steam Early Access title, no one guessed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would develop into a pop culture sensation with unparalleled success. Taking Dota 2’s crown as the most concurrently played game on Steam, the battle royale shooter has recently expanded its horizons, having launched on Xbox One late last year. Of course, now curiosity has shifted towards PUBG’s inevitable arrival on PlayStation […]