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While ‘Dark Phoenix’ Tries to Put A New Spin on the Famed X-Men Comic Saga, It’s Still Just Much of the Same – Review

Now, we all know that the X-Men film franchise has already tried their hand at one of the greatest storylines in the X-Men comic books with the film most of us would like to forget, X-Men: The Last Stand. Now, with Dark Phoenix, the franchise has the chance to correct some of the mistakes of the past and introduce a […]

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The Punisher, Magik, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Thor and the X-Men Getting the Marvel ‘What If’ Treatment

This fall, Marvel Comics is releasing a new slew of ‘What If’ comic books which include fan favourite characters like the Punisher, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Thor, Magik and the X-men. The six brand new stories will examine these classic marvel characters and answer the question ‘what if’ as it pertains to having the character’s original narratives turned on their heads […]

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6 Women We Want to See in an X-Men Reboot

It’s been nearly two decades since the first X-Men film graced the silver screen. It was a film that had its ups and downs, but at least we were able to get our first bit of X-men in live-action. With team favourites including Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue and Wolverine, and a bevvy of bad guys including the formidable Magneto, […]

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Marvel Revives ‘Wasp’ & ‘Iceman’ Comic Books

The Unstoppable Wasp and Iceman comics are set to return to shelves following an announcement by Marvel Comics. Originally written by Jeremy Whitley and Sina Grace respectively, the writers are set to continue the stories of  the recently canceled book series and will return with art team Gurihiru, set to illustrate Wasp and Iceman’s new series by Nate Stockman. The return of Wasp and Iceman follows the […]

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GOC Comic Review: X-men – The Wedding Special #1

X-men: The Wedding Special #1 Written by: Chris Claremont (The Dream Before), Marc Guggenheim (Boys’ Night Out) & Kelly Thompson (Something Old) Art by: Todd Nauck (The Dream Before), Greg Land (Boys’ Night Out) & Marika Cresta (Something Old) Published by: Marvel Comics With the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin fast approaching, it’s no surprise that their friends […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 8 ‘Chapter 16’ Review

Syd makes a realization of bout her relationship with David. David goes against orders. More great moments with Oliver and Farouk. Oh and Ptonomy is hooked up to a supercomputer? Spoiler’s Ahead The race to find Amoul Farouk’s body is officially on! Yeah, that’s right, we’re back to the main plot, but admittedly it felt rather boring. Though the episode […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 7 ‘Chapter 15’ Review

The episode shifts gears again to focus on the plot of finding Farouk’s body, but things get insane, quite literally… Spoilers Ahead All of the narrations describing our brain and a person psychosis officially come into play this episode. The lesson from this episode was ‘Moral Panic’ and how we should be more afraid of those frightened since it could lead […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 6 ‘Chapter 14’ Review

We get one of the most interesting and arguably the saddest episode of the series so far, as we explore different timelines/realities into David’s life and see what could’ve been… Spoilers Ahead We take a break from Division 3, Farouk, and every supporting character to focus on David. In an episode as confusing as this one, you have to see […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 2 ‘Chapter 10’ Review

Nothing is as it seems. We are plagued with more questions within the first two episodes of this season than the entirety of the first season. Last season we aren’t supposed to trust the memories of David, but now I don’t think we are supposed to trust the reality of the series. Spoilers Ahead  I know reviews are meant to […]

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‘Silver Surfer’ Solo Film Reportedly in the Works at 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox is reportedly moving forward with a Silver Surfer movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project is one of several that the studio has been working on despite the Disney merger. According to an executive, the studio is going “100 miles per hour”. Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie is apparently still in production, and New Mutants’ April release […]

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Fox Plans Six More X-Men Films To Be Released By 2020

Ever since it was announced that Disney had garnered a deal to acquire the rights to Twentieth Century Fox’s film division, many fans rejoiced at the potential to finally see all of the Marvel characters reunite under the roof of one studio, particularly the X-Men. But there have also been a large percentage of Marvel fans who actually enjoy Fox’s […]