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Hugh Jackman Shares Reaction to Disney-Fox Merger & Wolverine Joining the Avengers

During a New York press junket for his upcoming film The Greatest Showman, the recently retired X-Men actor shared his opinions on Disney buying up assets of Fox, essentially putting all mutant characters and the Fantastic Four under the same studio as the Avengers. Jackman told Collider: “It’s interesting because for the whole 17 years I kept thinking that would […]

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Wolverine Getting Scripted Podcast Starring Richard Armitage

You can’t mention the X-Men, or even comicbooks, without mentioning the ruthless Wolverine. He has been a fan favorite for decades. With such a rich and complex backstory, many fans have connected with him and throughout his many iterations, that connection has never waivered. And now… Wolverine fans rejoice because we are gonna be getting a new series starring our […]

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Wolverine to be in Marvel Comics ‘Post-Credits Scenes’

It’s common knowledge that death is never permanent in comic books. That idea will once again be proven true when Wolverine returns to Marvel Comics in January. Logan will appear in a series of “post-credits scenes” at the end of certain stories. His comeback begins with Captain America #697, The Mighty Thor #703, and Amazing Spider-Man #794. The famous mutant previously returned in Marvel Legacy #1, […]

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James Mangold Reveals X-23 Spin-Off In The Works

Although Hugh Jackman hung up the claws with one last outing as the popular cigar smoking, trash talking, Canadian mutant, Wolverine in this year’s, Logan – it doesn’t mean that we won’t have something to look forward to as it pertains to mutants with claws and healing factors. Logan director, James Mangold is keen on continuing the story from the […]

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X-Men Producers ‘Hesitant’ to Recast Wolverine

This just end! Hugh Jackman is and will always be thee Wolverine. Oh wait, we knew that already right? Right, and so does the producers over at Fox working on future X-Men projects. The team behind X-Men are even consulting Jackman in the future casting of his replacement! In an interview with ScreenRant, X-Men and Logan producer, Hutch Parker says he’s hesitant on recasting the metal-clawed […]

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Logan Is Now the Highest-Grossing Film of 2017

James Mangold’s film featuring Hugh Jackman’s last stint as the beloved X-Men, Wolverine, has something big to boast about: Logan has now become the highest-grossing film of 2017 worldwide. Although it didn’t take top spot at this weekend’s box office, Logan still brought in impressive numbers to take the second spot with $37.9 million in North America. Thus far the movie has […]

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James Mangold Talks Potential X-23 Film

We’ve seen Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine on and off for roughly 18 years. But today, on March 3 we’ve finally come to #OneLastTime. But do not fret because we are about to be greeted with another adamantium laced mutant. Enter, newcomer Dafne Keen as Laura, or what she may be better known as: X-23. We Got This Covered caught up with […]