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Five Comic Book Villains We’d Like to See in Live-Action

With Venom officially out in theaters (with some not too great reviews) and the Joker standalone starring Joaquin Phoenix currently filming, a Joker and Harley Quinn film in the works, as well as a Morbius movie announced at Sony, it’s clear there is a market for supervillains and why not? Typically, well-written villains are compelling and despite their usual penchant […]

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Marvel’s New YA Novel Will Feature Loki’s Gender Fluidity and Pansexuality

Superhero young adult fiction novels have been gaining popularity recently, with a successful release from Marvel earlier this year and DC announcing plans to give the YA treatment to some of its biggest characters. So it is no surprise that Marvel is launching a series dedicated to its most famous villains. Three of them will be written by Mackenzi Lee, who is […]

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Aubrey Plaza Wants to Play Catwoman in the DCEU

As The Batman scraps its original script and revamps its entire story, it really seems like everyone from casual DC fans to entertainment industry heavy hitters are anxiously waiting for any news that will reveal director Matt Reeves’ casting and plot intentions for the reboot. One of the people waiting on Batman news seems to be Aubrey Plaza. As well […]

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Update: CGI Villain in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Set Photos Identified (Potential Spoilers Ahead)

Last week we reported on photos of Doctor Strange being attacked by a mysterious CGI character on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Since the photos released, analysis of the pictures revealed that the CGI character is none other than Ebony Maw. The clue that discovered the mystery was the name tag “EB-MAW” on the back of the actors CGI […]