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600,000 People Joined Drake and Ninja to Play Fortnite While Breaking Twitch Records

Last night Drake and Travis Scott streamed Fortnite on Twitch, and I’ve never been more upset with myself for being an old man that goes to bed before ten. The past few weeks have been wild for Twitch’s newest sensation Tyler “Ninja” Belvins, and it’s showing no signs of ceasing. Ninja recently broke Twitch records by gaining over 50,000 subscribers […]

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Amazon and Twitch Will Give Prime Subscribers a Collection of Free Games Each Month

Amazon Prime subscribers can now get a free game every month through the introduction of Twitch’s Free Games with Prime. Following the success of their Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier, an event which gave Twitch Prime users a free game for watching specific streamers, Twitch has found a way to continue spreading the indie love. Starting on March 15, each month […]

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Twitch Partners with the NBA to Innovate Sports Broadcasting

Twitch, the company well-known for innovating video-game streaming, wants watching NBA games to be a more interactive experience. A long stretch from its origin as JustinTV, the now Amazon-owned platform wants to expand its reach beyond it’s already 15 million daily active users. Starting on December, 15 Twitch will begin streaming NBA G League games at These streams will […]

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Twitch Streams All the ‘Power Rangers’

It’s Morphin time! To prepare fans for the upcoming release of the new Power Rangers movie, Twitch will have a marathon featuring almost every episode of the TV show. Twitch is a video game streaming site that has started to stream TV marathons. The Power Rangers marathon runs March 14 at 11 am PT through March 30. It does not […]