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Tag: The Gifted

The Gifted – S1 Ep. 6: ‘got your siX’

Another week, another episode of The Gifted. Once more, we learn more about the members of the mutant underground with the opening scene of episode six focusing on John “Thunderbird” […]

The Gifted: S1 Ep. 5: ‘boXed in’

Episode five of The Gifted introduces some new characters, delves deeper into the background of Sentinel Services frontman, Jace and we get even more fantastic chemistry from Polaris and Eclipse. […]

The Gifted S1 Ep. 3: ‘eXodus’ Review

Three episodes into The Gifted and yet again, we get another solid, action-packed episode. This time around, we get out first glimpse into the past of some of the runaway […]