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SXSW: 5 Music Videos You Can Watch Right Now

Even though SXSW was cancelled, SXSW had the wonderful idea to release an online catalog to accredited press. Throughout the week we will highlight artists, filmmakers and post film reviews to help spread the word about the talent that was originally meant to feature their various forms of art at SXSW! Kicking off our coverage are five music videos from […]

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Early Reactions for ‘Ready Player One’ Reports Positive Reactions

Steven Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One premiered at last weekend’s 2018 SXSW to an audience that was interested to see the legendary Hollywood director’s feature film. Check out a quick synopsis of the film below: Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), [who] spends his days living in the virtual reality of the OASIS. After OASIS founder James Donovan Halliday (Mark Rylance) […]

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‘The Disaster Artist’ Brings Heart and Joy to an Unconventional Film.

So I had the good fortune of watching a “work-in-progress” cut of James Franco’s latest directorial The Disaster Artist at SXSW this past March. I had originally planned to review this odd, quirky tale of a condemned artist, but I found myself having troubles judging this film critically, more to be explained why later. The Disaster Artist is a comedy-biopic blend focusing […]

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Gina Rodriguez Interested in Playing Marvel’s America Chavez

Being a team that is dedicated to highlighting diversity, we decided to attend the “Hacking the Script: Disrupting Diversity in Hollywood” panel at SXSW. The focus of the panel was on how to challenge unconscious bias in order to create more representation in Hollywood. The panel speakers included Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin), Yara Shahidi (Black-ish), Wendy Calhoun (Empire), Jon […]

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Exclusive: ‘Atomic Blonde’ is a Stylish Espionage Spy Thriller, With Little Action in Between. A Review. #SXSW

Atomic Blonde is a film that I wished I loved more than I did. Hailing from David Leitch, co-director of cult hit John Wick, I expected a thrilling action piece with stunts equal to the Keanu Reeves hit-man. Instead what is given through Atomic Blonde is a slow-paced espionage movie, with very few action sequences. Atomic Blonde is an espionage spy movie set […]

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Exclusive: ‘Baby Driver’ is a Thrilling Ride That Syncs Your Ears and Heart to the Music. A Review. #SXSW

Edgar Wright has proven to be one of the most consistent film directors of our time. On Saturday night he premiered his latest flick, Baby Driver at SXSW. At first I found SXSW being the premiere location to be odd, but after watching the action musical it makes sense entirely. Edgar describes his latest entry as a ‘getaway car movie driven by […]

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‘Song to Song’ is a gorgeous poem on love and lust, that ultimately gets lost along the way. A review. #SXSW

Terrence Malick returns to the big screen with Song to Song after his last polarizing film, Knight of Cups. This film caused fatigue among some viewers and left a desire for Terrence’s work to become more accessible. It’s fitting that Song to Song opened up SXSW’s film festival, being a film set mostly in Austin as well as Malick being a local to the […]