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Tag: Superman

The Mystery of the Black Kryptonian

Fun fact the first African American character to ever appear in a Superman comic was in the 1970s. Yes you read that correctly the first African American character didn't appear until nearly 33 years AFTER Superman debuted.

Superman vs. The KKK Film In The Works

Lotus Entertainment and Paperchase Films are teaming up to bring Rick Bowers’ 2012 YA book Superman vs. the KKK to the big screen. Bowers’ book, which is fully titled Superman […]

Superheroes That Fly High on 4/20

Hey, hello, HIGH (see what I did there?), but seriously…  Hi guys, Dre here with a holiday-themed article (yes, it’s a holiday). Have you ever wondered which one of your […]

Syfy Releases Krypton Teaser Trailer

The Syfy channel released a new promo for their upcoming show Krypton on their Instagram, only days after a full trailer was released and then immediately pulled by the channel. In […]

Trailer Leaks For Syfy’s ‘Krypton’

For a long while, the planned television adaptation of Krypton before its demise had little-to-nothing besides a character list, a few casting details, a synopsis, a confirmed logo and confirmation […]