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Interview: Massoud Bakhshi Talks Creating 'Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness'

Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to thunderous applause. The film was among 11 other high caliber entries in the World Cinema Dramatic competition. Iranian filmmaker Massoud Bakhshi’s sociopolitical tale of a woman’s fight for survival is one of the most engaging experiences anyone can have in a theater this year. This was felt […]

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Sundance 2020: ‘Summer White’ Breaks Down Toxic Latinx Habits – Review

“Mamitis” is not a term one hears every day. Those with Latin roots are more than likely familiar with the saying. The slang is meant to be taken as a negative connotation for a mother’s boy. Summer White (Blanco de Verano) explores the idea of “mamitis” but takes it to personified toxic levels. Director and writer Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson cements himself […]

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Sundance 2020: Mateo and Moisés Arias Put the American Dream to Test in ‘Blast Beat’ – Review

Colombian director and producer Esteban Arango plows through borders with his feature debut, Blast Beat. Named after a drumbeat style heavily associated with metal music and its derivatives, Blast Beat explores the trials and tribulations of the American dream through a Colombian family. Forced to leave Colombia due to political turmoil in 1999, tension rises between two opposing brothers, a distressed […]

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Sundance 2020: The Horrors of Being a Refugee Rise in ‘His House’ – Review

Director/screenwriter Remi Weekes gives Netflix a sure to be modern classic with His House. This being Weekes’ first feature cements his name as one to look out for in the coming years. His House follows a married couple from South Sudan in desperate search of a better life in London. The two catch a glimmering break when their status upgrades from detainees […]

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Sundance 2020: Tradition and Empathy Stand Trial in ‘Yalda, A Night For Forgiveness’ – Review

Iranian filmmaker Massoud Bakhshi delivers an unparalleled gem at Sundance 2020 with Yalda, A Night for Forgiveness. Women who are found guilty of murdering their husbands are sentenced to death under Islamic law. On the contrary, Islamic law also allows those guilty to escape death if and only if they are forgiven by the victim’s family. Yalda operates with this […]

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Sundance 2020: 'Mucho Mucho Amor' is the Beautiful and Worthy Reflection of Latinx Icon Walter Mercado We Need – Review

Walter Mercado needs no introduction to a Latinx audience. The Puerto Rican Astrologer first took Latin America by storm with his televised horoscopes in the 70s. If Mercado was decked out in capes reading horoscopes on TV, people would have no choice but to sit quietly and wait for their sign to be read. “¡Libra… Escucha mucho que tu cuerpo […]

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Sundance 2020: The Coming-of-Age Story Breaks New Ground in ‘Cuties’ – Review

Out of all the films Netflix is premiering at Sundance this year, Cuties is among the more valiant. The French production is unconventional in comparison to the Hollywood standard. Cuties follows the maturing exploitations of Amy, a daughter of Senegalese immigrants newly moved into the low-class suburbs of France. Maïmouna Doucouré makes this her feature directorial debut – her short film […]

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Sundance 2019: Kiersey Clemons Leads a Fresh and Riveting​ Creature Feature in ‘Sweetheart’ – Review

Blumhouse Productions have built themselves up as the masters of modern horror and to no one’s surprise, they prove it again with director J.D Dillard’s (Sleight) new film, Sweetheart. There can be no other way to describe it but as a true gem in this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Kiersey Clemons (Dope) leads this horrific tale of surviving on a deserted […]

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Sundance 2019: Lupita Nyong’o Plays the Ukulele While Saving Kids From Zombies in ‘Little Monsters’ – Review

What happens when a kindergarten field trip to the zoo just happens to be the site of a zombie outbreak? The brilliance in Litte Monsters is that the answer is more than one could ever guess. Abe Forsythe’s Little Monsters is without a doubt the most raunchy comedy to premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The Australian director/writer’s mad mind […]

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Sundance 2019: ‘Blinded By The Light’ Gleefully Proclaims the Universal Power of Art – Review

Blinded by the Light is one of the most delightful hits of 2019’s Sundance Film Festival. Like many other gems in this festival line-up, this film radiates an incredible amount of heart and soul. It cannot be stressed enough how lovely this movie is and how it portrays the power of music. This coming-of-age story is set in Lutton, England in […]

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Lionsgate Acquires Global Rights to ‘Blindspotting’ Starring Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal

Among the interesting deals at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is Lionsgate’s purchase of the worldwide rights to Blindspotting. The film was written by and stars Daveed Diggs (Hamilton) and Rafael Casal, with the duo also producing. Blindspotting tells the story of Collin (Diggs), who needs to make it through his last three days of probation for a chance at a […]

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Louis Gossett Jr. Among Recurring Players for ‘Hap & Leonard’ Season Three

SundanceTV’s Hap & Leonard has added award-winning actors to its ranks for season three. Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr. will join the series as recurring character Bacon, a veterinarian-turned-cook. He will be joined by Corbin Bernsen (Psych) as Chief Cantuck, the foul-mouthed, morally ambiguous head of the Grovetown Police department, and Andrew Dice Clay as Sonny Knox, the town’s politically incorrect radio disc […]

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See John Cho in the Beautiful Trailer for ‘Columbus’

In Columbus, Indiana, a Korean man Jin (Cho) finds himself in this city where his father falls ill and rests in a coma.  There, he meets a young woman Casey (Richardson) who is staying with her mother and helping her recover from her drug addiction, rather than pursuing her own architectural dreams. Photo via Entertainment Weekly Directed by Kogonada, this film titled Columbus […]