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Deadpool 2 Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

DCEU Panel Breakdown Here! #SDCC17

It’s lit! DCEU did not come to play at this year’s #SDCC17 panel. This year is probably one of Warner Bros.’s biggest years at Comic-Con with an upcoming eight films […]

Geoff Johns Starts Wonder Woman 2 Script #SDCC17

With Wonder Woman still slaying at the box office, it’s a no brainer for the franchise to be a big topic at Warner Bros.’s SDCC panel! Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, still hasn’t officially confirmed […]

New ‘Ghostbusters’ Film for 2019 #SDCC2017

Who you gonna call? Last year’s Sony’s all-female reboot of Ghostbusters may not have been as successful at the box office as one would have expected.  However, Ivan Reitman, who directed […]