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Three Viewpoints, One Story, A Terrifying Rage of Emerald Inbound – Immortal Hulk #3 Review

The Immortal Hulk #3 Written by: Al Ewing Art by: Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Leonardo Romero, Paul Hornschemeier, Marguerite Savage, Garry Brown, Paul Mount, and Alex Ross (cover art) Published By: Marvel Comics Released: July 18th, 2018 Ever since I was young, the Hulk has always been a character who has stuck with me. Perhaps it’s due to his unique […]

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GOC Comic Reviews: ‘Man of Steel #6’

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Jason Fabok Colour Artist: Alex Sinclair Letters: Josh Reed It’s not easy to wrap up a story that had many things going on, and while some things remain unclear, they seem like they’ll be explored in Action Comics and the Superman run, others were finally explained and shed some light over them. Jon and Lois are on […]

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GOC Comic Reviews: ‘Batman #50’

Story by Tom King Art by Mikel Janín Colours by June Chung Letters by Clayton Cowles It’s not a secret to anyone out there that King’s Batman run is a 100 issue plan, and while it certainly seemed odd to have this iconic moment happen in the middle of the story arc, it had been planned and hyped in all kinds of media, […]

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Book Review: ‘Dread Nation’ by Justina Ireland

You have never read a book like Justina Ireland’s Dread Nation. No, I’m not reaching by saying this. It is absolutely true. I was mildly apprehensive about reading a YA (Young Adult) book involving zombies and a girl fighting them. See, I’m not wildly crazy about zombies in general. It took me six years to finally start watching The Walking […]

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Preview: ‘My Time at Portia’ Tries to Remix the Sandbox RPG Formula #E3 #E32018

I’ve started to realize in my time exploring different kinds of games for Geeks of Color that there’s a majestic, almost irreplaceable peace that comes from farming sim games. My Time at Portia is the latest installment to this peaceful genre, developed by Pathea Games and published by Team17. Immediately, Portia tries to establish itself as a lifestyle game that’s […]

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‘Hereditary’ is a Cautionary Tale of the Horrors That Grief Can Unleash – Review

Hereditary is an unsettling supernatural drama that weaves the tale of one family’s dark history after the untimely death of the family matriarch. How well do you know your family? After you watch Ari Aster’s feature debut you too will be wondering what signs of a dark history are in your family. You will also have a newfound appreciation for EpiPens. Full disclosure: Hereditary is a slow-burn. It perfectly aligns with the classic psychological horrors of the 1960s. This is where some horror fans might feel a bit […]

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‘Wonder Woman’ – One Year Later

“I used to want to save the world; this beautiful place. But I knew so little then…” So, it’s been a year since Wonder Woman charged into theaters, breaking many records along the way. It was the first modern-day superhero film since Marvel’s Elektra to feature a female superhero in her own solo movie – something that I believe many […]

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As Blood Fills London’s Streets, One Man Has The Chance to Save It…. Or Worse – Vampyr Review

Vampyr, a game from the creators of Life is Strange which exudes similarities to everything from Dark Souls, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. The game is definitely different from the studio’s previous release, Life is Strange, but still manages to bring to life fantastic storytelling and dialogue interactions in a similar fashion with this Action-RPG. The story is set in England, during the early twentieth […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 8 ‘Chapter 16’ Review

Syd makes a realization of bout her relationship with David. David goes against orders. More great moments with Oliver and Farouk. Oh and Ptonomy is hooked up to a supercomputer? Spoiler’s Ahead The race to find Amoul Farouk’s body is officially on! Yeah, that’s right, we’re back to the main plot, but admittedly it felt rather boring. Though the episode […]

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Leon Bridges ‘Good Thing’ album review

Leon Bridges first graced the music scene with his 2015 debut album, Coming Home, in which he channels the retro and nostalgic sound of the 60’s. Earning him generally positive reviews from critics and music listeners alike. On May 4th, he graced us with his sophomore album titled, Good Thing. Good Thing, is both a jump forward and a step […]