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‘Justice League’ Cast Hopes Movie’s Themes Apply to Real World Problems

.The DCEU has been criticised for been overly “dark and broody” and while it’s been said that the upcoming Justice League will have a lighter tone and a more “fun atmosphere” that doesn’t mean the movie is shy on things that matter. So far, the DCEU has tackled issues like PTSD -Bruce suffers PTSD in Batman V Superman– military interventions, xenophobia, restoration of hope […]

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Justice League’s Zack Snyder Wanted Cyborg To Represent People With Disabilities

Justice League’s premiere is fast approaching, and we are getting more details of how the film will make these classic superheroes help underrepresented groups. In Geek Magazine’s interview with Ray Fisher, Screenrant reports that Fisher’s Cyborg was meant to be a character to represent folks for disabilities. Fisher had this to say about the importance of this group being represented. […]

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Justice League’s Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa Excited to Bring More Diversity to the DCEU

Justice League will be hitting theaters next month, and no one is more excited to be part of the iconic superhero team than Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa. Fisher and Momoa who play Cyborg and Aquaman respectively, bring new voices and diverse perspectives in superhero films. Screenrant reports that Ray Fisher is thrilled to bring a “multi-faceted” representation to the role […]