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Ludi Lin Talks About ‘Aquaman’ Being “Star Wars Underwater” and an Unseen Scene in ‘Power Rangers’

Ludi Lin recently did an interview on Canadian radio about his character in the upcoming DCEU film, Aquaman. After playing Zack, the Black Ranger in Power Rangers (2017), Lin joined the cast of Aquaman in the role of Murk. Murk was introduced in the DC Universe in 2013, created by Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier, and he’s the leader of […]

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Red Ranger Dacre Montgomery Talks ‘Power Rangers’ Sequel

Lionsgate reboot of the teenagers with attitude came with mixed reviews and an underwhelming performance at the box office, but damn was that movie good! It’s another case of fans vs critics with this movie and since its release, a Power Rangers sequel has been everything but confirmed.   Red Ranger himself, Dacre Montgomery, spoke to ScreenRant about a possible sequel and […]

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What We’d Like To See In A Power Rangers Sequel

On March 24th, we were reintroduced to five misfits who would become the Earth’s greatest warriors, The Power Rangers! With poor box office results, we were all “Ay ay aying” to thought that there wouldn’t be a sequel. But thank Zordon for merchandise sales! Director Dean Israelite has stated before that Lionsgate & Saban, the man who brought us the […]

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Power Rangers Movie is Now The #1 Selling Home Video

Well would you look at the little engine that could! The Power Rangers movie’s home video sales has taken the franchise to another level. We reported that toys, dvds and blu-ray sales would push the studio to going through with the sequel after not dominating the box office as they hoped. Now, it seems like every mighty morphin’ fan’s dream may become […]

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Power Rangers Director Expresses Desire for Lord Zedd Appearance

With talks of a Power Rangers sequel in the making, this raises the question: which villain would be the star of the next film, following Elizabeth Banks’s stellar performance as the nefarious Rita Repulsa? Although the sequel is not yet confirmed, the post-credits scene of the first film incites opportunity to introduce Tommy, the Green Ranger, as well as the […]

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‘Power Rangers’ Director Thinks PG-13 Rating Prevented Success

With a poor box office showing, mixed critical reviews and an uncertain cinematic future, it is abundantly clear that Power Rangers is one of the most disappointing films of the year. Explanations for its lackluster commercial performance are diverse, ranging from speculations about a somewhat confusing marketing campaign to numerous critiques of its plot. But now, a new theory has […]

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‘Power Rangers’ May Struggle to Get a Sequel

It’s safe to say that Saban’s Power Rangers was an unsuccessful project commercially. While it managed to make back the money that was invested in it (just barely), and even though plenty of moviegoers really enjoyed the project – casual viewers and some critics alike – Lionsgate was probably expecting the film to do a lot better than it did […]

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Power Rangers Reveal Five Chinese Posters

Even though Power Rangers has already morphed into theaters in the United States, it’s still making its way around the globe.  As it enters the Chinese market, Lionsgate has released five new stunning posters.  What makes these posters especially exciting is its artistic take with Chinese style Dinozords. Each poster pairs the ranger with its new corresponding beast or beasts. We […]

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Blue Ranger R.J. Cyler Cast in ‘White Boy Rick’

R.J. Cyler delivered a great performance in this weekend’s blockbuster, Power Rangers.  Aside from a six-movie plan the studio has for Power Rangers, Cyler can add the role of Rudell Curry, a drug dealer in the upcoming drug-crime drama White Boy Rick to his resume.  R.J. will star alongside newcomer Richie Merritt as Ricky Wershe Jr.and Matthew McConaughey as Ricky’s father, Richard Wershe Sr. […]

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‘Power Rangers’ Mighty Morph Into $40.5M Box Office Hit

After going head to head with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast this weekend, Power Rangers still managed to come out well. With a budget of $105M, the movie debuted this weekend with an admirable $40.5M in the US with an additional $18M overseas. Saban’s reboot took a darker, more realistic take on the film which proved to fair well with its targeted audience as well as […]

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‘Power Rangers’ Cast Wants a Female Green Ranger

*The following article contains spoilers from Power Rangers* Power Rangers made its debut this weekend and it is definitely a fun-filled movie for everyone. There was some homage to the original series while maintaining the realistic tone of the reboot. Much like any other blockbuster film these days, a franchise is always in mind of the directors and studios & the Power Rangers are […]