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Peter Capaldi Pens Comforting Letter to 9-Year-Old Doctor Who Fan

The most recent Doctor Who Christmas special just aired with Peter Capaldi stepping down from the helm as the iconic Time Lord and Jodie Whittaker taking the reins as the first female Doctor. With each regeneration, fans typically express sorrows of the past Doctor leaving while expressing excitement and nervousness of the new Doctor.  One such young fan, 9-year-old Brian McGilloway […]

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First Look at the New Doctor

By now, it is well-known to Whovians that Jodie Whittaker will be the newest Doctor on the long-running series of Doctor Who.  She is the first woman to permanently play the role of the Time Lord. And it had also been reported that Whittaker will make her debut as the Doctor in the upcoming Christmas special and then fully take over […]

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Michelle Gomez Open To Reprise Doctor Who The Master

Michelle Gomez, the latest actress to helm the role of The Master at the latest Doctor Who installment, has expressed interest of reprising the role as the Time Lord villain. Fans of the show may remember that The Master is a Time Lord notorious for swapping genders consistently. Gomez’s Missy offered “familiar craziness but with a touch of rare humanity thrown into […]