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Tag: Overwatch

Blizzard is Opening Its Own Esports Arena

Keeping up with the huge growth of esport viewership, Blizzard has announced that they’re opening their own esports arena in Los Angeles. The Blizzard Arena Los Angeles will be opening […]

Overwatch Brings Changes to Mercy’s Gameplay

Mercy mains may be a little nervous with this newest developer update that has rolled out.  Specifically, major changes are to come for Mercy’s gameplay and abilities. Firstly, the biggest […]

Overwatch’s Summer Games Return August 8

The newest Developer Update has rolled in with Jeff Kaplan at the forefront explaining all the exciting upcoming news for the Overwatch world.  First and foremost is the return of […]

Doomfist Finally Arrives To Overwatch

“Humanity has always been tested.” The introduction to Overwatch‘s newest origins trailer starts with who can be presumed is the voice of the much-anticipated Doomfist. In the newest trailer, we finally […]

Fan Creates Overwatch Television Trailer

The video game sensation Overwatch created by Blizzard has taken the world by storm.  Since its first release in May 2016, it has garnered up several players, fans, and extreme […]