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Jason Momoa Set for ‘Just Cause’ Movie

Movies made from video games don’t have the best track record. However, fans still get excited when they hear studios are bringing their favorite games to life. The latest entry […]

Disney Drops Early ‘Indy 5’ News

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, lost in all the Star Wars excitement was the fact that they also acquired Indiana Jones. It’s been long rumored that Indiana Jones 5 was in […]

‘Wonder Woman’ Details Released

In a complete contradiction of its mysterious competitors, Warner Bros. invited reporters to a press event in London last week that was all about Wonder Woman. Now we’re discovering what they […]

James Mangold Talks Potential X-23 Film

We’ve seen Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine on and off for roughly 18 years. But today, on March 3 we’ve finally come to #OneLastTime. But do not fret because we are about […]

Amy Acker Joins FOX X-Men Pilot

Based on this week’s casting news, the untitled X-Men pilot from FOX will have big expectations to live up to. Things got even more interesting with the announcement that Amy […]