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First Lego ‘Overwatch’ Set Omnic Bastion Now Available To Order

Overwatch fans are going to be eating really good. Blizzard Entertainment recently just announced that they are expanding the merchandise line for their incredibly popular gaming series. From costumes to Nerf guns, they are bringing it all soon to fans who which to collect items outside of the game. Funko already has released multiple waves of Overwatch Pop figures, but […]

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‘The Incredibles’ Game Dashes onto Console This Summer

Finally end-capping a month full of rumors, the folks at TT Games have officially announced LEGO: The Incredibles. Unsurprisingly the blocky rendition of our favorite Disney super-family will be releasing on June 16, just in time to be paired with the theatrical release of The Incredibles 2. The announcement trailer doesn’t reveal much, however, it does give a glimpse into […]

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“Solo” Film Details Revealed in New Lego Set

While Disney has been keeping much of Solo under wraps, A new Lego box set has reveled some new details for the film, such as an updated and glorified Millennium Falcon and the names of some previously unknown characters. The first detail is the full name of Woody Harrelson’s character: Tobias Beckett. Beckett will serve as Han’s mentor and will teach the […]

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New LEGO Set May Have Revealed Thor’s Weapon for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

So as you know, Thor sadly lost his beloved Mjolnir when Hela destroyed it, leaving many fans to wonder what the legendary God of Thunder would be wielding in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Well, a leaked picture of an upcoming LEGO set may have just revealed it. SuperBroMovies shared a picture of what appears to be pieces from the Avengers: Infinity War collection that include […]

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Black Panther Is Getting A Solo Lego Movie

It looks like the King of Wakanda is expanding his Kingdom. His Lego kingdom to be precise. Fans have long awaited for Black Panther to have a prominent presence in pop culture and in the wave of comicbook based films that are dominating the box office. The takeover begun with Captain America: Civil War and will continue in 2018’s Black Panther. But […]

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‘The Lego Movie’ Sequel Will Address Gender Issues

Although they may have stepped down from their directing chairs, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are still at the helm of story, being asked to perform rewrites for The Lego Movie sequel. From what we’ve gathered, the second film will follow a theme that has revolved around the profoundly celebrated Lego name: gender. In an interview with Collider, producers Dan […]

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LEGO Steppenwolf Reveals ‘Justice League’ Look

Warner Bros. has kept a lot of Justice League details under wraps, but one of the few things we do know is that Steppenwolf is the villain. Ciaran Hinds is playing the character in motion capture. He and the League clash when he comes to Earth to retrieve three mother boxes for Darkseid. Fans are getting their first look at […]

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Women of NASA Toy Set Coming from LEGO

Fresh off the success of critically-acclaimed box office smash, Hidden Figures, LEGO is launching a toy set that pays homage to women in NASA. Science writer and editor, Maia Weinstock came up with the idea and wrote to LEGO requesting the company make the efforts of prominent women a focal point in their mini-figure sets. The announced set will include […]