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Jes Macallan on Legends of Tomorrow
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Jes Macallan Promoted to Series Regular for Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

After having starred in Legends of Tomorrow’s third season as a guest character, Jes Macallan, who brings Agent Ava Sharpe to life, returns in season four as a series regular. Entertainment Weekly broke the news with a statement from executive producer, Phil Klemmer, which sings Macallan’s praises. Klemmer says, “Jes has a power to captivate in person as well as […]

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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 16 ‘I, Ava’ Review

A lot is going on in this week’s episode of Legends. There is betrayal, a person’s mysterious past is brought to light, and an unlikely character confesses their true feelings about their situation. Spoilers Ahead  The Legends are broken up into several groups. There’s Sara, Ray, & Gary, who go investigate where Ava has gone off to after her break-up […]

Matt Ryan's John Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow on The CW
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Legends of Tomorrow: Matt Ryan Returning as Season 4 Regular

Should The CW renew Legends of Tomorrow for a fourth season, Matt Ryan will return as a series regular, reports The Hollywood Reporter. This comes on the heels of the show’s mid-season returning with a guest appearance from Ryan’s beloved portrayal of John Constantine. Legends, along with Supergirl, has yet to receive news regarding whether additional runs are on the […]

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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 14 ‘Amazing Grace’ Review

This week on Legends, we get a character-driven episode with every member get a chance to interact with one another and have their own moments, while also moving the story forward. Spoilers Ahead  We know that Wally West has officially joined the Legends and he starts to get familiar with his new roommate Zari, who spend the entire episode together. Zari is basically tasked with […]

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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 12 ‘The Curse of the Earth Totem’ Review

This weeks episode of Legends is arguably the best episode in the series. It has everything that makes the show great. Action, comedy, a characters melodrama, but more importantly they’re moving the plot for the season forward. Spoilers Ahead The team discovers that Mallus and Darhk are after Totems. They possess the water totem with Kuasa while the Legends have […]

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Where Are the Strong Mothers Behind our Strong Women?

A few years back, my mother and I began bonding over our favorite TV shows, ranging from Netflix originals to cable television. Because we recently moved into a humble two-bedroom apartment, the living room is our common ground and we’re always watching shows together. I lean more toward the superhero side of things, so I was watching The Flash.  She […]