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Interview: Jessica Chastain and Jay Ryan Discuss Most Difficult Scenes to Film, Favorite Karaoke Songs & More

It’s been almost two years since director Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, “IT” hit theaters and took the world by storm. Now, the sequel, IT Chapter Two is upon us. Last week, Geeks of Color had the opportunity to sit down with the cast of the film at a Carnival themed press event. The first interview was with […]

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Common and Colin Farrell Join Jessica Chastain’s Action-Drama ‘Eve’

It has been annouced that Colin Farrell and Common have been added to the upcoming action-drama film Eve, alongside previously announced Jessica Chastain who will be staring as the titular character. Common is set to play Chastain’s ex-fiance, while Farrell will play the leader of the secret black ops organization that Chastain works for. Eve was originally meant to be directed […]

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Universal Closes U.S. Rights to All-Female Spy Thriller ‘355’

Almost a couple of weeks ago, Jessica Chastain and Simon Kinberg had been pitching an all-female spy franchise, titled 355, at Cannes.  Since the pitch, many U.S. bidders have fought for the rights of this series, and Universal came out on top.  According to Deadline, the deal set was a little over $20 million for Universal to acquire 355. With the script written […]

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Jessica Chastain Is In Negotiations To Star As Adult Beverly Marsh In ‘IT’ Sequel

Jessica Chastain is eyeing her next iconic role as the adult version of Beverly Marsh in New Line’s upcoming sequel to It. Variety reports that these negotiations are in early stages, the scripts is still being worked on, and director Andy Muschietti has not officially signed on to direct. Chastain and Muschietti had previously worked together on horror flick Mama, which […]

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Octavia Spencer & Jessica Chastain Will Reunite in a Holiday Comedy for Universal

Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain are reuniting for a holiday comedy, time to bring out the champagne. The Help was a wonderful film that shone a spotlight on many talented actresses. Chastain and Spencer received critical acclaim and awards for their performances as Celia and Minny. One of the highlights of the film was the chemistry between Spencer and Chastain, […]

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Jessica Chastain’s ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Character Name Revealed

We haven’t learned much about Fox’s upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie, especially since the merger, but that hasn’t stopped this young mutant at heart’s hopes from rising just yet! One of the biggest secrets surround the movie since production began has been Jessica Chastain’s role. While Chastain denied her role as the Shi’ar Empire’s Queen Lilandra, we do know that she’s […]

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Focuses on the X-Women

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will obviously focus on Jean Grey, but it also showcases Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique and Jessica Chastain’s mystery character. Director Simon Kinberg explained the female centric approach to the film to Entertainment Weekly. “I really wanted to acknowledge the strength of the women in the comic and in the actresses that we have and the central storyline demands […]

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Jessica Chastain Denies Playing Lilandra in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

As casting news for the upcoming Simon Kinberg directed X-Men: Dark Phoenix film began to surface, it was assumed by everyone that Jessica Chastain would be playing Lilandra, ruler of the Shi’ar Empire. Although not confirmed, the description of her character was extremely similar to what fans would expect from Lilandra. Well, it appears all of our assumptions were wrong. In […]

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Jessica Chastain Confirms Role in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

Just a few days ago this young member of the X-Men was grasping at straws in search of X-Men: Dark Phoenix related news and Olivia Munn thought it’d be funny to joke about her return as Psylocke in Fox’s follow-up to X-Men: Apocalypse. But today we just got #blessed with some big casting news! After almost two months of rumored reports that […]

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Jessica Chastain in talks for Villain role in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

The news concerning the X-Men film franchise just keeps rolling in. With Simon Kinberg confirmed to direct X-Men: Dark Phoenix you can bet that casting announcements and returning cast confirmations are slated to be coming out very soon. With that being said, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that two-time Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain is in talks for the role as […]