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Interview: Indie Comics Creator Kat Calamia

The world of comic books is filled with wonder, amazement, and colorful characters. Themes of heroism, family, and justice are commonly used to weave intricate stories that people can relate to, and be entertained by.  Creating a comic book requires countless hours of work, energy, and passion. Enter: Kat Calamia! Kat is the comics creator behind They Call Her…The Dancer, and Like […]

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GOC Comics: Top Indie and Non-Big 2 Comics of 2017

With 2017 drawing to a close – finally – it’s time for Geeks of Color to take a step back, reflect on the numerous entertainment properties that were released this year, and choose the very best out of all the available options. Thus far, we’ve shared our picks for the Best Video Games of 2017. Now, we’re going to get extra geeky and bring […]

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Freaks Of Color: Horror Heroes & Villains

Halloween, a time for those who wear creepy costumes as they ask for candy and perform trickery on unsuspecting citizens. But, besides all that, a little known fact is that your favorite major publishers ranging from Marvel to DC to Dark Horse have characters which not only embody the spooky but revel in its aura. These characters have spanned through […]