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‘Happy Death Day 2U’ is Another Home Run For The Blossoming Slasher Series – Review

Happy Death Day was a pleasant surprise for horror fans and critics who have long awaited a satirical slasher horror that can capture the magic of Wes Craven’s, Scream. Scream was the last slasher horror in recent memory to successfully embrace the tropes of a slasher movie, satirize it, and be genuinely entertaining. Happy Death Day is very much in […]

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‘Happy Death Day’ Sequel Greenlit; Suraj Sharma & Sarah Yarkin Join The Cast

Blumhouse is moving forward with Happy Death Day 2, an inevitable result of the first films impressive box office performance and positive reactions from critics and audiences. The first film raked in $123 million worldwide on a $4.8 million budget. The film was not critically celebrated like some recent horror flicks, but it certainly surprised audiences with its fun premise and a […]

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‘Happy Death Day’ Kills At The Box Office

Blumhouse Productions looks to have another winner on their hands. Happy Death Day wins this weekends box office with and estimated $26.5 million opening, coming in at number 10 for highest openings for the production house. The slasher film toped the box office this weekend following stellar box office performances from Split and Get Out. Split opened with $40 million, […]