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Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 7 Courtesy of The CW
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‘Arrow’ Director Says Season 7 Pushes the Limits on the “Gritty Factor”

After the acclaim of the first two season, Arrow struggled to maintain its grounded tone. Thankfully, Seasons 5 and 6 alleviated this problem. With Season 7, Arrow looks to take yet another sharp turn. This time, however, the change is due to Oliver Queen’s imprisonment. What this entails remains shrouded in secrecy. But, apparently, the content will push the limits on […]

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GoC Comic Reviews: Wildstorm: Michael Cray #2 (Spoilers)

Let me start this off by saying that issue 1 and 2 of this series is the first I’ve ever heard of the Michael Cray character. I’m always interested in discovering new characters and comics especially characters that are poc and comics that center around poc. After reading the first two issues of this new series I decided to do some research and look into Cray. Michael Cray also known as Deathblow is a career soldier who has psychic abilities. 

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Arrow Season 6 Will Not Introduce New Team Members

When Oliver Queen decided to dedicate his life to vigilantism, he had all intentions of operating solo. Over time, his bodyguard John Diggle developed from an obstacle into a partner he could confide in. Then, Felicity joined in with her much-needed computing expertise, and the original Team Arrow was born. From there, the team began to grow exponentially. Roy Harper […]

Arrow and Prometheus courtesy of the cw
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Arrow’s Season 6 Villain is Allegedly One Fans Have Been Waiting For

There are still a myriad of questions circling Arrow’s fifth season finale. However, if one question trumps the rest, it’s who the Season 6 big bad will be. There’s still no official word, but TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich reportedly has the scoop. In responding to a fan question on the publication’s Inside Line, Mitovich teased the following about Arrow’s main […]

Deathstroke and Green Arrow in Arrow's Season 5 finale Courtesy of The CW
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Arrow Producer Teases Aftermath of the Season 5 Cliffhanger

Spoilers follow for Arrow Season 5. After a rough couple of seasons, Arrow came back in true form during its fifth run. The main villain was great, several of the subplots blossomed organically, and the show felt like Arrow again. Perhaps the aspect of Season 5 receiving the most praise is the finale, or, more specifically, the finale’s cliffhanger. With […]

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Superheroes That Fly High on 4/20

Hey, hello, HIGH (see what I did there?), but seriously…  Hi guys, Dre here with a holiday-themed article (yes, it’s a holiday). Have you ever wondered which one of your favorite heroes celebrate the littest of all days? Yes you have. Well wonder no more fellow geeks! I have here a list of Superheroes who I know for a fact, […]