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Tag: Gaming

Overwatch Releases New Playable Map on Moon Base

While celebrating its one-year anniversary, Blizzard continues to release more for Overwatch.  Three new maps, several skins, emotes, and stickers were recently released for the anniversary event, but now a brand new map […]

Static Almost Made Injustice 2

The highly anticipated Injustice 2 was released only last week, and it’s already receiving great reviews from critics and currently holds a score of 87% on PlayStation 4 and 88% […]

Overwatch Releases Teasers for Anniversary Event

It’s been about a year since Blizzard Entertainment launched the popular game Overwatch.  A few days ago, they announced a one-year anniversary event to celebrate the how far the game has come. […]

Overwatch Changes Diversity in Gaming

Last month, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan gave a speech at DICE on the importance of diversity in video games. Polygon had the opportunity to interview him and talk all about how Overwatch […]

Jason Momoa Set for ‘Just Cause’ Movie

Movies made from video games don’t have the best track record. However, fans still get excited when they hear studios are bringing their favorite games to life. The latest entry […]

New Overwatch Hero Fortifies Spot on Line-Up

Overwatch released some new major updates regarding its newest playable hero.  An origins story and a developer update introduces Orisa, the 24th hero and a new tank Omnic created by Efi […]