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Wonder Woman Courtesy of WB
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Wonder Woman is Already One of the Best-Selling Blu-Rays in History

Despite having just hit store shelves last August, Wonder Woman is already listed as one of the best-selling Blu-rays of all-time. The news comes courtesy of statistics from (via Heroic Hollywood), where the Gal Gadot-starring hero flick is positioned at the #38 spot on the “All-Time Best-Selling Blu-ray Titles in the United States” list. Wonder Woman copies sold, thus far, […]

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Report: Gal Gadot Will Not Reprise Role As Wonder Woman Unless Warner Bros. Removes Brett Ratner

A sequel to the critically acclaimed box office hit, Wonder Woman was already announced back at San Diego Comic Con this summer. But now it’s looking as though Gal Gadot, who portrays Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the DCEU, will not return if Brett Ratner is attached to the project in any way. According to a report from Page Six, a Hollywood source […]

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‘Justice League’ Cast Hopes Movie’s Themes Apply to Real World Problems

.The DCEU has been criticised for been overly “dark and broody” and while it’s been said that the upcoming Justice League will have a lighter tone and a more “fun atmosphere” that doesn’t mean the movie is shy on things that matter. So far, the DCEU has tackled issues like PTSD -Bruce suffers PTSD in Batman V Superman– military interventions, xenophobia, restoration of hope […]

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‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel to Begin Filming in June 2018

With the success of Wonder Woman earlier this year, a sequelfor 2019 had been confirmed with both Gal Gadot returning to reprise her role as Diana Prince and Patty Jenkins returning to direct. Omega Underground is reporting that the film will begin production sometime in June 2018 based off of a recent production listing for Wonder Woman 2. The listing […]

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Gal Gadot Talks Wonder Woman’s Growth in ‘Justice League’ And Her Relationship With Batman

The DCEU’s highly anticipated Justice League is two months away and with a slew of some of the most recognized DC Comics characters on its roster, many are wondering just what the team dynamic will bring to characters such as Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and of course, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman star, Gal Gadot recently caught up with US Weekly […]

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‘Wonder Woman’ Is Now The Highest-Grossing Superhero Origin Film Of All Time

With the news of Wonder Woman surpassing $800 million worldwide with this weekend’s box office take, the film that already has numerous achievements under its belt has now become the highest-grossing superhero origin film of all time domestically. The Patty Jenkins directed solo entry about Diana, Princess of Themyscira, won over critics and fans alike, quickly becoming one of the […]

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‘Wonder Woman’ Release for Digital HD & Blu-Ray/DVD Set + Special Feature Details Revealed

One of this summer’s most highly-anticipated movies was the Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman. It was met with rave reviews from both fans and critics, while also setting many records over its duration in theaters. Jenkins was excited to reveal the dates of release to fans via Twitter, sending out this tweet today: So excited everybody!!! #WonderWoman is coming to […]