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Tag: e3 2018

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PREVIEW: ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Stays True to the Original Series, but Still Introduces Fresh New Additions #E3 #E32018

A few years ago, Kingdom Hearts III murmured the three words we yearned to hear, “Now in Development.” Now, after multitudes of unanswered phone calls, we finally have a date: January 29, 2019. Every year, Square Enix always gave us just a small taste of what was to come. So little, in fact, that the hope for a Kingdom Hearts 3 […]

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Preview: Jump Into A Sci-Fi Mystery in the Point-And-Click Game ‘3 Minutes to Midnight’ @3m2midnight #E3 #E32018

Point-and-click games may seem simple, but I’ve always loved them because I love stories and I’m the kind of person that just loves exploring every aspect of a game. Literally, I will play through multiple runs of a game just to experience every dialogue, scene, and ending. I easily become engrossed in learning all about the plots and the characters, […]

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Game Review: Frostkeep Studios Combines Fantasy Adventures and Team-Based Survival in @Rend #E3 #E32018

If you’re searching for a game that has it all, or at least has aspects of games that you like, Rend may be the game for you. The development team encompasses people with experience from all sorts of games such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, and WildStar. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Frostkeep Studios […]

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Bethesda Teases their Next Wasteland Adventure ‘Fallout 76’

24 hours later, Bethesda has announced their next game Fallout 76! Closing off their 24-hour stream Bethesda Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard came onto the screen to introduce their next installment to the Fallout franchise. Currently not much is known about Fallout 76. However, rumors are stating that this game will not be the traditional single-player experience fans of the […]

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Reveals First Gameplay Footage

The first wave of gameplay footage has been revealed for Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil 2. Still, in the pre-alpha stages, the footage shows off the game’s movement, including a peek into the multiplayer spaceship traversal. The trailer highlighting these features is just a mere portion of the just over a half hour long Twitch stream where Senior Creative Director, […]