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Tag: diversity

Diversity Does Not Equal Representation

The word ‘diversity’ has bothered me for a long time, simply because it seems inappropriate to use it in situations about equality and representation. It seems like a lot of […]

Star Wars Has a Diversity Problem

I’ll just start off by saying that I know you’re probably confused at this headline. Wasn’t the whole point of The Force Awakens, according to JJ Abrams, to pass the […]

Overwatch Changes Diversity in Gaming

Last month, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan gave a speech at DICE on the importance of diversity in video games. Polygon had the opportunity to interview him and talk all about how Overwatch […]

ICYMI: Burning Sands Trailer

Burning Sands is a drama centered on the hazing rituals and culture of one particular fraternity. As the violence escalates, one pledgee (Trevor Jackson) must find the strength to break […]

The Importance of #KeepNightwingRomani

In a Hollywood climate where white washing has become the norm I urge DC, Geoff Johns, Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, and Chris McKay to stand up and commit to not just finding a Romani actor for Nightwing, but also to adding positive and inclusive diversity into all of the DCEU films.