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Dave Bautista to Star in Action/Comedy ‘Dogtown’

Dave Bautista’s star continues to rise, this time as the lead in the action/comedy Dogtown which is a live action adaption based on the comic book series Body Bags, Deadline is reporting. Bautista is set to play a bounty hunter named Mack Delgado whose reputation allows him to be dubbed a “body bagger”. Things take a turn when the teenage […]

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‘The Raid’ Action Star Iko Uwais Joins Kumail Nanjiani And Dave Bautista In Fox Action Comedy ‘Stuber’

The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2 are two of the best action movies that the last decade has had to offer. The series and its cast have grown a huge following since the films’ release. Fans eager for a Raid 3 have also since gotten other chances to see their favorite Indonesian action stars shine in similar films. The cast even made a […]

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Dave Bautista Developing Adaptation of Valiant’s “Eternal Warrior”

Since leaving his professional wrestling career, Dave Bautista has enjoyed considerable success as an actor in numerous action and adventure roles, from James Bond’s Spectre to the Guardians of the Galaxy film series. Now, it looks like he’ll be adding another comic book character to his resume, this time outside the cinematic universes of the Big Two. Specifically, Bautista appears […]