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The CW's 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' is a Celebration of the Superhero Genre – Review

The CW has managed to surpass all expectations yet again. It’s no easy feat to make a 5-hour anything consistently entertaining, but the network just does it anyway. Why? Because they can. It’s been said plenty of times about superhero live adaptations and it’ll be said again, but Crisis on Infinite Earths is truly an ambitious crossover. Marv Wolfman’s 1986 […]

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The CW’s ‘Batwoman’ Knows What It’s Doing and Does it Well

Think you’re tired of superhero adaptations? Think you’ve seen it all? You’re wrong. Check out Batwoman. The CW Arrowverse show twists the classic superhero tropes to make for a deliciously promising tale of a young woman struggling to find her path. It’s relatable until she just ultimately chooses vigilantism instead of community college. Set before the Elseworlds crossover from last […]

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Crisis on Infinite Earths Storyline is Still a Possibility on ‘The Flash’

Crisis on Infinite Earths was world changing for DC Comics, literally. Published in 1985  for their 50th anniversary the storyline served the DC multiverse in order to defeat the Anti-Monitor. In Crisis #8, Flash attempted to stop the Anti-Monitor from using the antimatter cannon, but by doing so, he ran so fast, he disappeared into the Speed Force. After his death, […]