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Tag: Comic books

Interview: Indie Comics Creator Kat Calamia

The world of comic books is filled with wonder, amazement, and colorful characters. Themes of heroism, family, and justice are commonly used to weave intricate stories that people can relate […]

Marvel Teases New “Fresh Start” Comic Line

Marvel Entertainment released a video today teasing their new “Fresh Start” comic book line that will focus on “jumping-on points” for newer readers. The line will feature new creative teams […]

GOC Comics: Top DC Comics of 2017

*TW: mentions of abuse and suicide We’ve made it, folks. There are only a few more hours, one more sunset, and a bunch of fireworks separating us from the new […]

GOC Comics: Top Marvel Comics of 2017

Welcome back, True Believers! We’ve commiserated the best indie and non-Big 2 comic book releases that 2017 had to offer, so now it’s time to see what the giants in […]