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Warner Bros. Reveals Upcoming DCEU Movie Slate, Surprising Films Missing

It’s no secret that DC’s movie plans have been up in the air since the unexpectedly average Justice League box office. Though the film has made $613 million worldwide, its reported $300 million production budget means it’s not the hit the studio needs. At Comic Con Experience 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Warner Bros. revealed its upcoming DC movie slate and […]

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What To Do About the DCEU After ‘Justice League’

It’s probably pretty common knowledge, at this point, that Warner Bros’ latest entry in the DC Extended Universe, Justice League, didn’t perform very well at the box office in its opening weekend business. It opened with just $93 million in the United States. That’s completely dismal. Now, I know $93 million may not seem like such a small number – […]

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Jason Momoa Defends ‘Justice League’

Through social media, review aggregation sites, and internet memes, Justice League has had some backlash due to the obvious reshoots and choppy editing within the film. However, it is still, above all, an enjoyable film and one man who knows it and not afraid to say so is Jason Momoa, the man in charge to play Aquaman in the DCEU. “I try to […]

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Jason Momoa Talks [Redacted’s] Exclusion from Justice League

Justice League spoilers follow. With a runtime coming in at approximately the two-hour mark, Justice League was bound to have left plenty cast aside on the cutting room floor. Interestingly, scenes from the League’s debut film weren’t all that was left out of the theatrical release. Whole characters were excised as well. One such character is Arthur Curry/Aquaman’s right-hand man, […]

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‘Aquaman’ Has Wrapped Filming

Aquaman is one of the most anticipated films of the DCEU, directed by James Wan (The Conjuring), with a cast that includes Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, a.k.a Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera, Willem Dafoe, Patric Wilson, Nicole Kidman and more. Now, after 7 months of filming, or 114 days to be more accurate- James Wan, Amber Heard and Jason Momoa […]

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Best Costume Ideas for Halloween

The Halloween season is quickly upon us, and the holiday itself will be here very soon. I’m sure most of you already know what you’ll be going as for Halloween, but some of us – like me – wait till the last minute to complete everything. If you’re struggling to find an outfit, fear no more! I’ve got you covered. […]

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New ‘Justice League’ Photos

Not only does Empire Magazine gave us an incredibly cover for their magazine, but now it has shared with the world exclusive new pictures of the upcoming film of the DCEU, the one that will unite the seven most powerful heroes against Steppenwolf and his Parademons army, Justice League. In their latest issue, alongside with the cover, Empire Magazine has shared […]

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Alan Ritchson Cast As Hawk In ‘Titans’ Live-Action Series

Following the announcement that Brenton Thwaites would play Dick Grayson in the upcoming DC live-action series Titans, a more familiar name has just been cast as a new member of the team. According to Deadline, Ritchson will play Hawk (aka Hank Hall), one-half of the crime-fighting, vigilante and romantic couple, Hawk and Dove. The role is recurring, with an option to become a regular in […]