Kevin Feige Discusses Future of MCU

During the big Marvel Studios open house event, president Kevin Feige talked about what’s ahead for the successful studio. This press only invitation event was held in conjunction with a […]

An Open Letter to Ryan Coogler

By: Nicholas Williams Ryan Coogler has his work cut out for him. In 2018 he’ll have to deliver a film about one of the most important and influential black superheroes […]

12 Characters for a Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe Reboot

C.S. Lewis created one of the most iconic high fantasy series of all time: The Chronicles of Narnia. This series follows the tales of various ordinary humans who find themselves in the magical land of Narnia where animals can talk and witches exist.

Mass Effect 2 Fancast

A Mass Effect movie franchise should have been created yesterday probably. As the years go by and further advancements are made in film with regards to special effects, a Mass Effect movie […]

GOC 101: The Infinity Stones

From the moment we saw Thanos's ominous smirk in the after credits scene from the first Avengers film Marvel fans have known that the Avengers were headed for direct collision with the Mad Titan himself.