How Soon Could We See Miles Morales in the MCU?

As Spider-Man Homecoming swings into theaters, and is surprisingly enjoyable (as someone was severely lacking in excitement for the film, I came out pleasantly surprised and ready for a sequel), […]

‘Wonder Woman’ Details Released

In a complete contradiction of its mysterious competitors, Warner Bros. invited reporters to a press event in London last week that was all about Wonder Woman. Now we’re discovering what they […]

Ismahawk Presents: Voltron Vs. Megazord

By: Yoshihide Lu (@NotYoshihide) If you’re not familiar with Ismahawk now is the time to get acquainted.  They are the young production company behind the Nightwing Webseries starring Danny Shephard as the […]

10 Bat Family Members We Want to See in The DCEU #FancastFriday

With the news that a potential Joss Whedon written and directed Batgirl movie is being added to DC's film slate alongside the Nightwing film set to be directed by LEGO Batman director Chris McKay, many fans have grown increasingly excited at the prospect of finally seeing the Bat Family on film.