Meet The Geeks Of Color Squad

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Dorian Parks


Dorian Parks help found Geeks of Color in 2015 and created the website in 2016 so that people of color would have a place to talk about comics and characters, movies, TV shows and much more. He is an LA-based digital content creator, social media manager, podcaster, journalist, and speaker!

Twitter: @Dorianparksnrec

Instagram: @Dorianparks

(Photo by: Wes Ellis)

Britany Murphy

Managing Editor & Writer

With a B.A. in Journalism & Media Studies, Britany loves to write. Currently, she is the Managing Editor at Geeks of Color. You can check out her portfolio here.  In her spare time, she also does photography, draws and colors. Our resident Wonder Woman stan, she’s a lover of comics, films, books and a plethora of nerdy things.

Twitter: @britany_murphs

Instagram: @britany_murphs

Ferdosa Abdi

Film Editor & Writer

Ferdosa is an aspiring film festival programmer who writes stories. She loves science fiction, period dramas and fantasy movies and TV shows. Follow her on Twitter for all sorts of movie related nonsense!

Twitter: @atomicwick

Rihaana Stark


Rihaana “Stark” Stephens is from Northern Virginia, USA and has been with Geeks of Color since 2017. She has a passion for writing about superheroes and their many adaptations. She graduated from James Madison University in 2020 with a degree in Writing and Russian. Other than writing articles, her hobbies include playing guitar, writing songs and stories. She hopes to make a career out of writing and editing someday! She is Iron Man. 

Twitter: stark_buysexual

Instagram: r.j.stark

(Photo by: Hannah Stimson)

Josephine Leong


Josephine is a sailor senshi by day and a ghost host by night, but really, her geeky interests encompass so much that it’s hard to list and remember. She’s been with Geeks of Color for a while writing various news pieces, reviews, and even op-eds. She’s a huge sucker for good *chef’s kiss* storytelling so D&D has taken over her life – and she would like to know what your favorite class is (hers is monk). Occasionally, she tries to dabble in cosplay when she’s not busy rewatching her favorite shows and movies on repeat. She also has a horrible habit of starting shows and never finishing them (someone help her).

Twitter: @josephinespeaks 

Elijah Montoya

Writer, Editor, & Creative Contributor 

Elijah is a C- dancer, a B+ singer, and has been called “scrappy on defense” in more than one 24 Hour Fitness pickup basketball game. He is Colorado-based and has traveled the United States as a Community and Event Manager of Comic Conventions for more than 10 years. Elijah consumes all forms of pop culture but has the biggest soft spot for indie games.    

Instagram: @MarioRPGeno

Twitter: @MarioRPGeno

Podcasts: @GamePitchPod

Andrew Salazar


Andrew J. Salazar is from California, USA and has been covering film, conventions, festivals, and more for Geeks of Color since 2018. He graduated from California State University Los Angeles last year with a degree in Television, Film, and Media studies. He aspires to use his degree as a tool in making the sphere of entertainment more accessible and welcoming to the Latinx community. When he is not writing or engaging with readers online, he is more than likely theme park hopping. He does not tolerate Lilo and Stitch slander. Lives for the lore. 

Twitter: @andrewj626

Robert Butler III

Video Coordinator

Robert Butler III was born and raised in the city of Compton, CA. He graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts, with a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Media Studies. His love for cinema bloomed early in life, and quickly became an aspiration to pursue feature-length narrative directing. He’s worked as an editor and a camera operator/DP for popular YouTube channels such as Schmoes Know, Collider Video, Anthony Padilla, and more; as well as produced and directed many original shorts. His ultimate goal is to blend his passion of movie making and film criticism to fully dedicate his livelihood to the celebration of cinema. Some of his inspirations are François Truffaut, Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, and Ava DuVernay.

Twitter: DirectorRB3

Instagram: directorrb3

Sabrina Ramirez

Film Reporter

Sabrina Ramirez is from the diverse city of Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from FIDM in Downtown LA with a degree in Social Media, fusing the skills she learned there with her love of film. She runs the socials for the YouTube channel First Cut with Andres Cabrera and Robert Butler III, where they host the weekly podcast The Meaning Of. She loves all things film, with her taste ranging anywhere from French New Wave to sci-fi. She hopes to continue championing female filmmakers and independent film, aspiring to pave her own lane in those areas. 

Twitter: sabrinaxmonica

Instagram: sabrinaxmonica

Andres Cabrera

Film Reporter

Andres is a host/producer/writer with experience in behind-the-scenes production work. He is a savvy convention goer and considers himself a full-time geek. His biggest passion is advocating for Latinx representation on screen. 

Twitter: @SquadLeaderAce

Instagram: @Squadleaderace

Jonathan Rome

Video Editor

Jonathan Rome is a Korean-American filmmaker with a love for all things movie, media, and music. With a passion for youth creativity, Rome left his hometown of Salinas, CA in 2018 having been a tutor to many young creatives in poetry, creative writing, filmmaking, stop motion animation, and learning how to do Chuck E. Cheese dances. He continues to grow as a filmmaker, person, and friend as he excitedly joins the team. 

Twitter: @ItsJohnnyRome

Instagram: @itsjohnnyrome

Keirra Ewah

Film Reporter

Keirra Ewah is a Nigerian-American creative producer and content cultivator, based in Austin, Texas. At age 12 Keirra took a trip to the movie theatre where she witnessed the magic of the motion picture, Slumdog Millionaire. Mesmerized with the flick, Keirra went home, locked herself in her mother’s office, and researched the film’s cast and crew members. This experience birthed Keirra’s admiration for international film creation. Since then, the recent college graduate, has dedicated herself to producing, writing and celebrating innovate content… across all platforms! 

Insta: @KeirraEwah

Destiny Thomas

Digital Media

Destiny was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. She has an affinity for pop culture and is obsessed with social media, so she loves thinking of creative ways to integrate today’s trends into her work as a Marketing and Brand Strategist. In her free time, she’s a foodie and budding food blogger who loves cooking, baking, recipe development, and trying all the delicious and diverse eats Southern California has to offer. She geeks out about Beyoncé, all things Disney, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and movies in general.

Instagram: @destiny.analea 

Twitter: @destiny_analea

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