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Category: TV

The New State of TV

For many of us TV is a tool used to escape the dullness, even the cruelty of everyday life. After a weary day of being bombarded with aggressive online behavior, […]


The 60 Annual Grammy Awards took place last night, in NYC. From stellar performances to captivating moments, this year’s show definitely did not disappoint! Many stars wore or carried white […]

5 Shows You Should Catch Up on in 2018

Every new year it’s always good to catch up on our favorite TV shows, especially if we missed an episode. That’s something most of us do, but with this article, […]

60th Annual Grammy Awards Performers

After more than a decade in Los Angeles, the Grammy Awards, now in its 60th year, will take place at Manhattan’s iconic Madison Square Garden, a venue that last hosted the […]

Why Race-bending Characters Is Important

Here at Geeks of Color, we are committed to representing diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry and want to see every facet of that inclusion, both on screen and […]