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Based on True Events, ‘I Am The Night’ is a Slow-Burn Crime Drama You’ll Have to See to Believe – Review

Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine collide once more after their past work on Wonder Woman. This time, however, the two talents come together in a mini-series on TNT based on Fauna Hodel’s memoir, One Day She’ll Darken. It began as a quest to find out the truth about her family, but Fauna’s journey leads her down a much darker path […]

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A Queer Superpowered Alien Smokes Weed in an Impressive Pilot for ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ – Recap

Don’t worry. It was probably for medicinal purposes, and the pilot has much more to offer viewers. Roswell, New Mexico is a reboot 2002’s Roswell, which was an adaptation of the young-adult book series, Roswell High, by Melinda Metz. The books and TV series have obviously been around for a while and have gotten plenty of attention, but I’d never heard […]

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Five Reasons You Should Be Watching Marvel’s ’Runaways’

In this golden age of comic book television, it is rare for a show to drastically change from one season to another without making the show feel like a different series. The last show I can remember doing something similar to that is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (all five seasons are on Netflix). Season 2 of Runaways did just that. They […]

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What Should the Fantasy Genre Look Like Now?

The fantasy genre is arguably one of the most popular genres of books, films, and television shows. Programs like Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, and others instantly come to mind. Nerd culture is practically dominated by the Thrones fandom, as well as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. As these have been adapted to their respective mediums, […]

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‘True Blood’ 10-Year Anniversary Fancast

On this day ten years ago, during what felt like the height of the vampire obsession, HBO’s True Blood premiered. Adapted from Charlaine Harris’ wildly successful book series The Southern Vampire Mysteries, True Blood proved to be a hit from the beginning. Though it wrapped up its run in 2014 with seven seasons, it is still considered one of the […]

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Op-Ed: ‘Pose’ Shows Us Family is More Than Sharing the Same Blood

Please note: spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished the first season of Pose. The category is: family. A theme which filled every episode and almost every moment of the hit television series, Pose. Watching every Sunday night, you couldn’t help but feel attached to the various families displayed on the screen. Whether it was the House of Evangelista led by the […]

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‘The Originals’: 5 Things for a Season 5 Goodbye

The Originals comes to a conclusion after a five-season run. Am I slightly sentimental? Yes. Will I cry? Probably. But I shall cry to amazingly emo indie soundtrack, making my former high school self super proud. The spinoff to The Vampire Diaries first aired in 2014, with the first Original making an appearance in the show’s second season. I don’t think […]

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‘Steven Universe: The Movie’ is Coming to Cartoon Network #SDCC2018

This past weekend, Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar gave fans one last gem before concluding their panel at San Deigo Comic Con. Hardly giving us time to recover from the emotional revelations and developments from the most recent StevenBomb, Sugar announced that the series will be receiving a feature-length story which will air on Cartoon Network in the near future. […]

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Interview: The Legendary Megan Follows Talks ‘Anne of Green Gables’, ‘Reign’, ‘Wynonna Earp’ & Fierce Female Characters

A few months ago, GoC had the pleasure of participating in roundtable interview with legendary Canadian actress, Megan Follows at Toronto ComicCon. The star who is best known for her roles as Anne in Anne of Green Gables and Queen Catherine in Reign, will embark on her next journey where she plays the matriarch, Michelle Earp, in the latest season of […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 8 ‘Chapter 16’ Review

Syd makes a realization of bout her relationship with David. David goes against orders. More great moments with Oliver and Farouk. Oh and Ptonomy is hooked up to a supercomputer? Spoiler’s Ahead The race to find Amoul Farouk’s body is officially on! Yeah, that’s right, we’re back to the main plot, but admittedly it felt rather boring. Though the episode […]

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Michael B. Jordan to Star in Rooster Teeth’s ‘gen:LOCK’

It’s just been announced that Michael B. Jordan will be starring in Rooster Teeth’s new animated show, gen:LOCK as main character Julian Chase! View this post on Instagram Check me out later this year on Rooster Teeth playing the role of Julian Chase in the new animated Sci-Fi series #genLOCK 🙌🏾 A post shared by Michael B. Jordan (@michaelbjordan) on […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 7 ‘Chapter 15’ Review

The episode shifts gears again to focus on the plot of finding Farouk’s body, but things get insane, quite literally… Spoilers Ahead All of the narrations describing our brain and a person psychosis officially come into play this episode. The lesson from this episode was ‘Moral Panic’ and how we should be more afraid of those frightened since it could lead […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 6 ‘Chapter 14’ Review

We get one of the most interesting and arguably the saddest episode of the series so far, as we explore different timelines/realities into David’s life and see what could’ve been… Spoilers Ahead We take a break from Division 3, Farouk, and every supporting character to focus on David. In an episode as confusing as this one, you have to see […]