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Favorite Films of the Decade

To say this was an incredible decade for film is a massive understatement. With advancing technology, a profound popularity of superheroes, and more diverse filmmakers getting a chance, this decade has been a real treat for cinephiles and casual movie-goers alike. So to celebrate the new year and the new decade, here’s a list of the best movies from each […]

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‘Harley Quinn’ Provides Laughs and Doesn’t Shy Away From Serious Subject Matter – Review

Dr. Harleen Quinzel a.k.a. Harley Quinn has been a staple of DC lore for years and while she has made appearances in various animated shows, animated movies and live-action ones (including the upcoming Birds of Prey), she is one comical character who hasn’t had her own series and it left many always wondering ‘why?’. Well, now we finally have just […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 3 ‘Chapter 11’ Review

Things go south for Division 3. David’s friends are trapped. Amahl Farouk tells David where he can get help to find his body. And there’s a cow that appears at specific moments? Weird, I know but what else can you expect? Spoilers Ahead The episode starts with a lesson on ‘Conversion’ by our unknown narrator. We learn that our mind […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 2 ‘Chapter 10’ Review

Nothing is as it seems. We are plagued with more questions within the first two episodes of this season than the entirety of the first season. Last season we aren’t supposed to trust the memories of David, but now I don’t think we are supposed to trust the reality of the series. Spoilers Ahead  I know reviews are meant to […]

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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 16 ‘I, Ava’ Review

A lot is going on in this week’s episode of Legends. There is betrayal, a person’s mysterious past is brought to light, and an unlikely character confesses their true feelings about their situation. Spoilers Ahead  The Legends are broken up into several groups. There’s Sara, Ray, & Gary, who go investigate where Ava has gone off to after her break-up […]

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Why We Should Give ‘Teen Titans Go!’ Another Go

  When news about “reviving” the Teen Titans TV series came about in 2012, we were all hit with a wave of nostalgia for our favorite crime fighting, teenaged superheroes.  The thought of having Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy grace our television screens again, was a DC dream come true. When Teen Titans Go! finally aired the next […]

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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 7 ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Review

Being a show involving time travel, it’s great that we get to mess around with certain genres and have several references to classic movies. We’ve had episodes play homage to Star Wars, E.T., and now Apocalypse Now. Hell, Nate even said it, “We started at Predator but now it’s Apocalypse Now” referring to Mick and his mental state when he meets someone from his past… Spoilers […]

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Thor’s Trilogy and Its Mysterious Journey

*SPOILERS from Thor (2011), The Dark World, and Ragnarok* To most, Thor isn’t their favorite Avenger. Most people like him and Chris Hemsworth portrayal of the character, but he’s never had the same attention as Iron Man or Captain America. Part of the reason why is that his films were never really on par with the other two. The first […]