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Legion S2 Ep. 2 ‘Chapter 10’ Review

Nothing is as it seems. We are plagued with more questions within the first two episodes of this season than the entirety of the first season. Last season we aren’t supposed to trust the memories of David, but now I don’t think we are supposed to trust the reality of the series. Spoilers Ahead  I know reviews are meant to […]

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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 16 ‘I, Ava’ Review

A lot is going on in this week’s episode of Legends. There is betrayal, a person’s mysterious past is brought to light, and an unlikely character confesses their true feelings about their situation. Spoilers Ahead  The Legends are broken up into several groups. There’s Sara, Ray, & Gary, who go investigate where Ava has gone off to after her break-up […]

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‘The Incredibles’ Game Dashes onto Console This Summer

Finally end-capping a month full of rumors, the folks at TT Games have officially announced LEGO: The Incredibles. Unsurprisingly the blocky rendition of our favorite Disney super-family will be releasing on June 16, just in time to be paired with the theatrical release of The Incredibles 2. The announcement trailer doesn’t reveal much, however, it does give a glimpse into […]

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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 14 ‘Amazing Grace’ Review

This week on Legends, we get a character-driven episode with every member get a chance to interact with one another and have their own moments, while also moving the story forward. Spoilers Ahead  We know that Wally West has officially joined the Legends and he starts to get familiar with his new roommate Zari, who spend the entire episode together. Zari is basically tasked with […]

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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 12 ‘The Curse of the Earth Totem’ Review

This weeks episode of Legends is arguably the best episode in the series. It has everything that makes the show great. Action, comedy, a characters melodrama, but more importantly they’re moving the plot for the season forward. Spoilers Ahead The team discovers that Mallus and Darhk are after Totems. They possess the water totem with Kuasa while the Legends have […]

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Get Ready to Slay Giants as Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie in Future Marvel Games

Earlier this week it was announced that Valkyrie will be joining the cast of Marvel’s new run of Exiles. In the announcement, it was confirmed this new take on Valkyrie is to be based on Tessa Thompson’s portrayal in Thor: Ragnorak. Following the reveal, Bill Roseman, executive creative director of Marvel Games, took to Twitter proclaiming his excitement to incorporate […]

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Best Comic Book Movies of 2017

It almost seems that every year is the ‘best year for comic book movies’ and in 2017 one can make an argument for it being the best. This year there have been some surprise hits, some disappointments, both the MCU and the DCEU seem to have found a new footing and hopefully continue to make more great films. And if […]

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Why We Should Give ‘Teen Titans Go!’ Another Go

  When news about “reviving” the Teen Titans TV series came about in 2012, we were all hit with a wave of nostalgia for our favorite crime fighting, teenaged superheroes.  The thought of having Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy grace our television screens again, was a DC dream come true. When Teen Titans Go! finally aired the next […]

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Top Ten Choices to Play Batman

In the wake of the rumors that Ben Affleck will not be returning to the DCEU after their planned Flashpoint film (meaning he won’t be a part of Matt Reeves’ standalone Batman trilogy), we’ve all been left wondering who will be taking over as the Caped Crusader for future movies. Batman is much too big of a cash cow for Warner […]