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‘Song to Song’ is a gorgeous poem on love and lust, that ultimately gets lost along the way. A review. #SXSW

Terrence Malick returns to the big screen with Song to Song after his last polarizing film, Knight of Cups. This film caused fatigue among some viewers and left a desire for Terrence’s work to become more accessible. It’s fitting that Song to Song opened up SXSW’s film festival, being a film set mostly in Austin as well as Malick being a local to the […]

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Review: The Great Wall

This past weekend, The Great Wall made it’s US debut in over three thousand theaters across the country. Despite a huge marketing campaign, the Fantasy/Adventure film starring Matt Damon (The Bourne Identity, Team America World Police) failed to make a stamp at the box office. There have been a handful of positive reviews and some sprinkles of negative ones, but the […]

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‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ – Review

It has been three years since the release of Keanu Reeves’ turn as retired assassin, John Wick, in what came to be a surprisingly visceral beautiful piece of action cinema. The first film was a shock with not only its impressive dedication to next level “gun-fu” fight choreography, but also for the way it fused gorgeous visuals and contained subtle, […]

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‘Pretty Dudes’ Web Series by Chance Calloway [Review]

Pretty Dudes is a web series of a diverse group of friends and their dynamic in modern America. I came across this series when Chance Calloway, the creator of the series, contacted me after coming across my article on South East Asian Representation. The web series stars Yoshi Sudarso (Sunji), Tae Song (Jay), Bryan Michael Nuñez (Zario), Xavier Avila (Ellington), […]

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HBO’s Westworld Review

By: Avram Vargas Geeks of Color was recently invited to a screening of HBO’s latest on-screen experience, Westworld. The ambitious new sci-fi series comes from brilliant and notable minds in the film industry. A television reboot of the 1973 film by the same name, it’s executively produced by J.J. Abrams (one of the best producers working today) and was co-created by […]