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Will Smith Wants a Spot in Gotham City Sirens

By Okon Essien Surely by now you’ve been made aware of the fact that Warner Bros. is going forward with Gotham City Sirens, and they’ve called on Suicide Squad director David Ayer to return once more and direct this film as well. Fans are definitely excited about the prospect of seeing Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman share a screen, if […]

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Meet the Lieutenant Commander of USS Discovery

By: Evan Rodgers Women are leading the way into space as CBS cast AMC’s  “Walking Dead” actress Sonequa Martin-Green as lead in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. Martin-Green will be playing Lieutenant Commander of the USS Discovery. “Star Trek: Discovery” will focus on Martin- Green’s character “Number One” and her relationship with the crew and captain. Martin- Green will be joining fellow crew […]

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Kushala: Marvel’s Newest Ghost Rider

 by Hannah Bernabe A Native American is making its mark in a fiery way. Kushala, who will also be known as Demon Rider, is the first female Native American Ghost Rider to grace the Spirit of Vengeance mythology. First appearing  in series #1 of Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer’s Supreme, Kushala will be known as the “Ghost Rider of the 1800s”. Doctor […]

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David Ayer to Direct All-female DC Villain Film ‘Gotham City Sirens’

By Okon Essien Ever since the Harley Quinn-led all-female DC villains film Gotham City Sirens was announced a few months back, the Internet has been patiently awaiting the announcement of a director. Well the wait is over, and some people may be unhappy with Warner Bros.’ choice. The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively announced that Warner Bros. has tapped David Ayer, […]

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James Gunn Says Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Will Feature a More Diverse Soundtrack

By Okon Essien Guardians Of The Galaxy was a unique film in many ways. From the bizarre but lovable and pretty much unknown assemble of “heroes,” to the indie director that brought this interstellar adventure to life, to the amazingly catchy and addicting soundtrack, Guardians did a lot of things right. However, out of the things listed above, the latter […]