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Sundance 2020: The Horrors of Being a Refugee Rise in ‘His House’ – Review

Director/screenwriter Remi Weekes gives Netflix a sure to be modern classic with His House. This being Weekes’ first feature cements his name as one to look out for in the coming years. His House follows a married couple from South Sudan in desperate search of a better life in London. The two catch a glimmering break when their status upgrades from detainees […]

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Sundance 2020: 'Mucho Mucho Amor' is the Beautiful and Worthy Reflection of Latinx Icon Walter Mercado We Need – Review

Walter Mercado needs no introduction to a Latinx audience. The Puerto Rican Astrologer first took Latin America by storm with his televised horoscopes in the 70s. If Mercado was decked out in capes reading horoscopes on TV, people would have no choice but to sit quietly and wait for their sign to be read. “¡Libra… Escucha mucho que tu cuerpo […]

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Sundance 2020: The Coming-of-Age Story Breaks New Ground in ‘Cuties’ – Review

Out of all the films Netflix is premiering at Sundance this year, Cuties is among the more valiant. The French production is unconventional in comparison to the Hollywood standard. Cuties follows the maturing exploitations of Amy, a daughter of Senegalese immigrants newly moved into the low-class suburbs of France. Maïmouna Doucouré makes this her feature directorial debut – her short film […]

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Favorite Films of the Decade

To say this was an incredible decade for film is a massive understatement. With advancing technology, a profound popularity of superheroes, and more diverse filmmakers getting a chance, this decade has been a real treat for cinephiles and casual movie-goers alike. So to celebrate the new year and the new decade, here’s a list of the best movies from each […]

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TIFF 2019: ‘American Son’ Will Have You Thinking About It For Days To Come – Review

Based on the Broadway play by the same name written by Christopher Demos-Brown, American Son was one of the official selections for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). With the same cast that worked together on the stage play, the Netflix film, directed by Kenny Leon is one of the films that left the biggest impression on me during this […]

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Rom-Com ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Almost Maybe Had Me Head Over Heels – Review

The highly-anticipated Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe just came out on May 31, 2019 on the streaming service and in select theaters across the United States.  It had gathered much attention and excitement throughout the Asian-American community, and unsurprisingly so.  The movie stars not just one, but two, Asian-American leads in a romantic comedy and many of  the rest […]

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Dan Gilroy’s ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ Snarled and Rattled – Review

Dan Gilroy’s eye for the bizarre and the absurd is on full display once again with Velvet Buzzsaw, however, it is without the incisive and impactful storytelling shown in his critically-acclaimed film, Nightcrawler. Gilroy reunites with Jake Gyllenhaal who plays a powerful art critic named Morf Vandewalt whose eccentric persona lends to another iconic performance from the vastly underappreciated Gyllenhaal. Morf’s […]

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Everything Coming and Leaving Netflix October 2018

September is coming to an end and everyone knows what that means. Netflix subscribers have gotten really good at adapting to the streaming service’s ever-rotating library of content. When a new month in the year rolls around, viewers prepare themselves for the gamble of gaining new great content, losing old favored content, and many times both. October is right around […]

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Netflix Coming and Going in September 2018

Another month passes by and more content will flood in and wash away from Netflix. The streaming service is constantly creating original content and gaining contracts to showcase popular films and television. Netflix is at a point where they are releasing originals like never before. Many are going to sweep in this September, but of course, this will come at […]

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Henry Cavill Has Expressed His Interest in Playing Geralt in Netflix’s Adaptation of “The Witcher”

Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Man from UNCLE, Mission Impossible Fallout) has expressed to IGN that he would be interested in playing Geralt in Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher.     It’s no secret that Henry Cavill is a big gamer – he famously ignored Zack Snyder’s call about Man Of Steel because he was busy playing World of Warcraft – and that he […]

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Netflix Coming and Going in August 2018

July is now at an end and as we welcome August 2018 into our lives- an eager question floats in our heads. What is coming and leaving Netflix? We have all come to learn now that very few films and shows (besides Netflix originals) get to stay on the streaming service for long. Contracts eventually expire and with that, we […]

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‘Dear White People’ Creator Justin Simien Debuts ‘Don’t @ Me’ Podcast

Writer/director Justin Simien has officially launched his new KCRW podcast Don’t @ Me. The creator of Netflix’s hit show Dear White People said the podcast is “an attitude”, and it will tackle social issues like gender, race, and sexuality. Each episode will feature a different guest, and it will be conversations between artists and creatives who are currently shaping our culture. “It’s when […]

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Ridley Scott to Direct Film Adaptation of ‘Queen and Country’

British director Ridley Scott (Aliens, Blade Runner) is set to direct the live adaptation of Queen & Country, Yahoo confirmed. The comic book, written by Greg Rucka under Oni Press, centers on British spy Tara Chace, an operative of the Special Operations Section of SIS (Mi6) known as “the Minders.” Chace begins a dangerous journey to protect field operatives, all while […]