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#SOTD: Jidenna-‘A Bull’s Tale’

With a boastful, cocky ego and fashion sense from 2056, Jidenna has easily earned his spot as one of my Top 20 music artists. “A Bull’s Tale” is one of my favorite tracks off of his debut album The Chief. It starts with a skit featuring Uncle Palmwine, a caricature of the classic drunk uncle who seems to just be rambling […]

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#SOTD: Yaw’s Rendition of ‘Where Would You Be’

Have you ever heard a song that was perfect down to the bass line? It grabs your attention immediately and all outside activity becomes muted. A few weeks ago, this phenomenon befell me when I heard “Where Would You Be” by Ghanaian artist, Yaw. It can be found on Apple Music and Spotify. Let’s start with the instrumentation. As a former […]

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#SOTD: Steve Lacy’s ‘Dark Red’

Earlier this year, an all but unknown fella by the name of Steve Lacy came across my suggested tracks on SoundCloud. The hi-hat heavy intro to alone was all I needed before I pressed like and added “Dark Red,” to my “Morning Routine.” It was essential that this song became a part of my rotation, and it can be found […]

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#SOTD: “10 Lovers” by The Black Keys

Today’s Song of the Day is “10 Lovers” by The Black Keys The Black Keys are pretty well known in the musical world with hits like “Fever”, “Howlin’ For You”, and “Tighten Up.” I discovered this song from their 2014 album Turn Blue while listening to the Arctic Monkeys radio on Spotify and fell in love with it immediately. The […]

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Examination of Swae Lee’s Best Features

Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee has been putting all kinds of work in the music industry. He has writing credits for Beyoncé under his belt and is on track to becoming a hip hop legend. Alongside his brother Slim Jimmi, they are making a name for themselves in the music business as well as the fashion business, where they’ll be launching […]

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The Steven Universe Soundtrack Drops Today

After years of waiting, Steven Universe fans are finally getting the official soundtrack they’ve been begging for. “Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1” is coming out today, featuring songs handpicked by series creator Rebecca Sugar. According to a press release by Sugar earlier this year, the collected songs have all been remastered by show composes Aivi and Surasshu. Sugar went on […]

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Why You Should Be Taking Lil Yachty Seriously

Miles Parks McCollum, aka Lil Yachty is no joke. He’s made quite the name for himself for someone who has even seen two decades yet. He’s 19. When I was 19, I once almost forgot to put shoes on for my eight o’clock English class. Suffice to say, I find it very impressive that this young man has become an established […]