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Category: Marvel

Spider-Man Confirmed For Avengers: Infinity War

Everyone pretty much assumed that most of that most of Marvel’s biggest hero’s would be showing up for Avengers: Infinity War, which included Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Many actors have already been confirmed […]

RUMOR ALERT: Phylicia Rashad Cast in Black Panther

By: J’Neia Stewart Phylicia Rashad may be the newest member of the cast of Marvel’s Black Panther, due to begin production later this month. Source: According to MCU Exchange , news of the […]

Kushala: Marvel’s Newest Ghost Rider

 by Hannah Bernabe A Native American is making its mark in a fiery way. Kushala, who will also be known as Demon Rider, is the first female Native American Ghost Rider to […]

Kate Bishop: The Better Hawkeye

By Sam Andico  and Dre Willis  Earlier this year, Marvel announced that the admittedly better Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, would be getting her own solo series. Hawkeye will be helmed by […]

CaptionThis! This Weeks Best 

By: Brandon Sooknanan Earlier this week we asked you fine folks to caption the image below, and let me tell y’all, you did not dissapoint. Here are some of the […]

Meet Your New Mary Jane Watson

By Dorian Parks Whats up guys so Zendaya has been confirmed to be playing Mary Jane Watson in Spider Man Homecoming movie and I am freaking pumped. I decided to […]

#FancastFriday: Riri Williams Aka Iron Man

By: Jatevin Murphy What’s up everyone and welcome back to another Fancast Friday. This Wednesday Marvel announced that its new “Iron Man”, no emphasis on the man, would be a 15 year […]

Why Falcon needs a MCU Origin Story

By Ife Ajayi-Bembe (@AlmightyIfe_) Falcon a.k.a Sam Wilson, Captain America’s infamous sidekick was introduced to us in the best way possible…EARLY MORNING JOGGING. Yup, in the opening scene of ‘Captain […]