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Recap: E3 2019

After a bit of hibernation to recover from the excitement of E3 2019, here’s some of the amazing things we got to experience at this year’s E3, featuring some of my personal favorites! So obviously, there were some games that many people were excited for that really hit the news, especially after the conferences that premiered on the weekend leading […]

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Op-Ed: The Magic of Storytelling- How Tabletop RPGs and Critical Role Inspire a New Generation of Storytellers

*Please note: this article is spoiler-free with regards to campaigns 1 and 2 of Critical Role. For those who don’t know, what are tabletop RPGs?  It is a form of role-playing game (RPG) where folks sit around verbally describing their characters’ actions, and play out a story or adventure. Dungeons & Dragons is a particularly popular one of those.  So, […]

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GOC Game Review: ‘Monster Prom: Second Term’ is a Great Experience for Both New and Returning Players

High school is back in session, and you have six weeks to woo a monster for prom.  If you haven’t yet read our first review of the base game Monster Prom, you can find it right here! ***MILD GAME SPOILERS AHEAD!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*** Recently, the wonderful people at Awesome Glitch and Those Awesome Guys released downloadable content to supplement […]

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‘Ralph Breaks VR’ Takes Virtual Reality to the Next Level

Following their new movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, the lovable giant and glitchy princess have made their return to the screen already, but not how you think. Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph Breaks VR is an original hyper-reality experience created by ILMxLAB and the VOID in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios.  The original, immersive hyper-reality experience gives guests the opportunity to step inside […]

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SEGA Genesis Getting the HD Console Treatment

One year after the announcement of the Super NT, Analogue has announced the Mega SG. The Mega SG will be powered by the same technology that made the Super NT possible and will be available for pre-order on Analogue’s website for $190 USD, with shipping set to begin in April 2019. The console will come in US, Japan and European […]

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‘Jump Force’ Beta Impressions

Jump Force was first announced during the Xbox Conference at E3 2018, and the hype for it hasn’t calmed down since. The prospect of a video game including all of your favorite Shonen Jump characters in a fighting game was very tantalizing to say the least. We had a game similar to this called J-Stars Victory VS a few years ago, but […]

Clem in The Walking Dead The Final Season Courtesy of Telltale Games
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Skybound to ‘Continue’ Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season

UPDATE: Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller has shared the following statement from Skybound about the publisher’s finishing The Walking Dead: The Final Season: Official @Skybound statement on finishing @telltalegames’ The Walking Dead: The Final Season. — Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy) October 7, 2018 It appears Skybound does intend to bring on developers from TWD’s Telltale team to complete the story. ORIGINAL […]

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Kristen Bell, Zachary Levi and Josh Gad Lending Their Voices to ‘Kingdom Hearts III’

The highly anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts III is a little over three months away, and the return of notable Disney characters also means the return of their voice actors. Joining the voice over cast of the popular game franchise are Josh Gad and Kristen Bell who will be reprising their roles from the 2013 film Frozen, as well as Zachary Levi, who voiced Flynn […]

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Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of TLoU: Outbreak Day with Free Add-Ons & More

Today marks the 5th year since the Cordyceps Brain Infection spread to the point where the United States was forced to declare a state of national emergency. Starting in Austin, Texas the infection quickly provoked a world of panic as rapidly spread nationwide. A solemn day forever commemorated as Outbreak Day. To honor the 5th anniversary of Outbreak Day, since […]

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‘Valkyria Chronicles 4’ is the Perfect Balance of Old and New – Review

If you listen to Geeks of Color’s gaming podcast, Gameboys of Color, you’re well aware that I’m a huge fan of the anime-tactics game Fire Emblem. From the rewarding feeling of finally clearing a map after several desperate attempts to save my favorite character to the almost inconsequential yet endearing dialogue exchanges that take place between battles, the genre has […]

PlayStation Classic Courtesy of Sony
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PlayStation Classic Won’t Receive Post-Launch Games

The announcement of PlayStation Classic, though divisive in many respects, was an exciting surprise. The miniature console will come packed with 20 pre-loaded PlayStation One titles. One question on the tongues of many is whether Sony plans to add more games to the PlayStation Classic after launch. According to an IGN report, this won’t be happening. A PlayStation spokesperson confirmed […]